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The MML, an immersive Blood Bowl 2 experience bringing together the greatest coaches to ever step onto the pitch and unmatched league play, has gathered fans from across the globe.

The MML is pleased to announce that it will release MML: Blitz early in 2018. This is the league hotly contested and only whispered about in the corners of the locker rooms across the league. MML: Blitz will offer a teams made up of drafted mixed race players from around the League to compete for the coveted Blitz Cup and cash prizes.

MML: Blitz will kick off each season with a player draft, offer a mid-season free agency, inter-league player trade, and a level of team management for the true Blood Bowl Coach experience.  Last by not least, the MML has plans for additional features and challenges to be implimented prior to the launch of MML: Blitz.

Stay tuned for more information. MML: Blitz will be available as a stand-alone league, and playable on the Playstation 4 platform.

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