Jaggerland Jesters

The Jaggerland Jesters are a professional blood bowl franchise based on the Eastern edge of the Jaggerland Mountains.  The team is registered for the 2nd season of the MML Blitz and plays its home matches at the Inferno Towers stadium.

Franchise History

Background and Establishment

At the end of the Jaggerland mountains a unique environment can be found.  The mountains, the home to a dwarven kingdom for centuries meets a vast marshland full of life.  The dwarves in recent years had been driven from their mountain homes by hordes of orcs and goblins with their ogre mercenaries.  Having settled in this new home the greenskins set about their resuming their favorite sport, Blood Bowl.  Whilst commencing their training at the foot of the mountain, at the edge of the swamp, scaly hide creature began to take interest in their activities and over the next few years, the greenskins taught the game to these creatures.  The orc coach, shakeydog, had heard news of a new competition, MML Blitz, and whilst he new his orcs and ogres would be a match for anyone he could not deny the speed and power possessed by the Lizards and begun negotiations with their coach about a new alliance.  The Jaggerland Jesters were born!

Team Information

Team Logo and Colours

Colours – Blood Bowl 2 – predominantly blue uniform

Team Mascot

Killboy Powerhead – The teams mascot is a gnobler jester charged with keeping the team entertained during downtime.  Entertainment usually in the form of Killboy’s discomfort.  One of the goblin engineers has fitted Killboy’s uniform with an electrical current which sends a shock to the gnobler each time the Jesters score a touchdown.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coach

  • Shakeydog (Season 2 – Present)

Recent Team News

Player Union Central
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