Gatlinberg Goodguys

The Gatlinberg Goodguys are an MML Blitz Professional team. This team consists of a group of like minded individuals that thought it would be cool to sign up for something together to do as friends.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The Gatlinberg Goodguys consist of a group of friends that met on individual camp outs that ended up forming a long lasting friendship.  The Dwarfs, the Halflings, and the Wood Elves were all having separate vacations camping out in the woods.  Upon meeting each other they all realized they were of like mind and easy going and pushed their campsites together.  The Dwarfs brought the drink, the Halfling’s supplied the food, and the Wood Elves provided the song and dance.  The party was such fun that even the forest itself in the form of Treemen joined the excitement.  The group at this time decided they all needed to keep in contact.  On the count of there being an odd number of people and the Treemen being too large to actually fit in a bowling alley, they decided that a bowling league was completely out.  No one really remembers who suggested Blood Bowl that night, but it was decided then, and the Gatlinberg Goodguys were formed.

Team Information

Team Name

The Gatlinberg Goodguys chose their name as they all just get along.  Mellow and easy going they are just a group of Good Guys that you wouldn’t mind inviting over to a backyard bar-b-cue or pool party.

Logo and Colors

The Treant was chosen as the logo as the group met in the forest during their impromptu party.  Such a good time was had by all that they wanted to use this logo to remember the good time they had that day. The colors were chosen as representation of the colors of the logo of the campsite that they all met at that historical night.

Team Mascot

The team mascot is a Halfling doing the “Buddy Jesus” point.  Cause why not, its hilarious and embodies the feel of someone who is just a Good Guy.

Highlights and Memorial

Season 4 Playoff Highlights

Season 5 Highlights

Season 6 Team on Hiatus

Retired Players – Gatlinberg Goodguys Player Memorial

Zug Zug – Dwarf Blitzer – Season 4

Garnet Stickyfingers – Halfling – Season 4


Season 4 – Semi Finalist

Season 5 – Quarter Finalist

Head Coaches

  • RJCarrot (Season 3 – Present)

General Managers

  • RJCarrot (Season 3 – Present)
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