Black Mountain Blacksheep

The Black Mountains are a cold place, in the lands of Cymru, its is a place of barren open grasslands, mountains and harsh weathers.  To some it is a place to view but from a distance, to others a place to wander seeking adventure but to some it is a solitude, a home away from society.  These I speak of have been cast out from their natural homes. The Beastmen and Warriors shunned because they would embrace and welcome a different belief, the Dark Elf because they would have a different view that did not match that of their cousin,  the Skaven because all they needed a home yet man despised that would live in the sewer trying to get by, the Goblin and Troll that struggled with Warpstone addiction.   

Each of these learnt to work together, learnt to exist together, learnt to be welcomed into a new community.  Strengthened by the past trials these folk would rise up and compete on the field of play, Blood Bowl the game, and a more driven group your not find west or east of the Black Mountains.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The Black Mountain Blacksheep sees coach Hawca pulling on all resources to build and develop a well rounded team with a strong focus individual strengths and rolls with in the team and less on utility of individuals. “By giving these individuals purpose and meaning, I give them what the want and what they need. Purpose and belonging for a greater need that themselves.”

Team Information

Team Name

Black Mountain Blacksheep

This side was fast named the Blacksheep as a mocking gesture to those that had cast out these races.  The fans and team alike dont want to forget their roots and where they came from as they feel it drives them to be what some thought they could not.

Logo and Colors

The Red head of the Sheep on the Bronze armour mined deep in the Black Mountains.

This signifies that despite being cast out to wander the wilderness alone, and through working together great things can be achieved.


A Black Sheep carry Larry.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Head Coaches

  • Hawca (Season 2 – present)

Recent Team News

No current team news.

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