Antwerp Owls

The Antwerp Owls were founded in the year 2018. It is a team that came to life by mixing 4 race’s. They do dislike two of the race’s in there. The vamps are not welcome. they play in the Southern zones of the Blue Blitz. there goal this season is not to be last!!!! There motto is everyone can beat Thunden!!!!!

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The Antwerp Owls is a team is ignored by the whole city of antwerp because they are a Mixed race team. The stoy behind this is that at the start of the sport called Blood Bowl in the city. you had like 4 teams of differant race’s. You had the Undead ‘rats’ Army, The Khemri frightend bears, the antwerp necro dogs and the Pirate Vamps al of these teams where top tier at one time. Due to bad managers these teams fell deep. All of them could not pay players and staff. So in the end they would al go away. Then there was this crazy GM ‘Nolore dynore’ that is trying to get the teams to work together in this Mixed league called MML Blitz. The Necromantic where on board straight away, the khemri joined to. but the vamps and the undead wanted nothing to do with this. So until this day there is only necro and khemri welcome on the team by the public any vamp or undead player joining this team is disownd by his/her family. Wil this team rise in blitz or fall to there old ways?

Team Information

Team Name

Antwerp Owls is a tribute to the city it is founded in and to the creature that lived on the grounds where there stadium stands now.

Logo and Colours

It’s A scythe to bring out the reaper in the team

You wil see it’s a all black and yellow dot’s on it just so you see dead comming for you. They took this coulor beacuse its a normal colour for all of the 4 races welcome in the team


The mascot is a Forrest Owl. Half of its bones are sticking out in the pitch black colour whit the yellow dots on it. The remaining flesh on it looks alot like the hair of a Werewolf. The mascot is a other tribute to the Owls that they killed and the forrest they took to make this team happen.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Royke033 (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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