Team Bio’s

Current Teams:

Beverly Hills Beasts

Coalition: Superior Being Ring

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: Fox

Coach(s): Fox

Stadium Name: Superior Stadium

Mascot: The Golden Lion

Championship(s): Season 6


Blood Bowl has only recently been a presence in Beverly Hills the past year, as the superior race who resides in this town thinks the sport is below them (along with everything else).  The high society members took joy in influencing how the world ran and crushing the inferior races (and sometimes their own who did not share their stature in class) both financially and culturally.  However, with the recent presidential election voting for the president they “hand picked”, Donalt Blump, their businesses thrived and they took complete control of the known civilized world (& I use the term loosely).  Now, without a challenge of showing how superior they are in society they decided to also take away the last livelihood-freedom these pathetic commoners have: Blood Bowl. As so became the Beverly Hills Beasts.


Molenas Great Warriors

Coalition: Chaos Gods

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: Beerz

Coach(s): Beerz  (Defiance 5-7)

Stadium Name: Molena Colosseum

Mascot: Sir Greyback riding his mighty stead waving the team flag!!


After many years of battle and death the great wars ended. Chaos vs nurgle no side won and no side would every be the same again. From the ashes of battle great warriors came together with an idea on how to make the two sides equal and live under one flag. Blood bowl would be that aid. With the help of some former blood bowl players the two sides sat down at the long table and came together on a way to make it work. Chaos warriors, nurgle warriors, beastmen, pestigors all sat and hatched out what would become a plan bigger then any army tactic. Together the two would be so fierce and strong no one would stand in there way. Players from both army’s were picked and brought together to form the Great Warriors!


Grond Bellboys

Coalition: Chaos Player Pact

Season Of Creation: Season 8

GM: SeriousJest

Coach(s): SeriousJest

Stadium Name: The Mosh Pit

Mascot: Hell’s Bells


At Ghrond, “The North Tower,” where Morathi, mother of Malekith the Witch King, resides and studies the ever-changing nature of Chaos in the North (, Morathi decided to create a Blood Bowl team made of various chaos worshippers who would normally be at war with each other North of Naggarath. This secretly furthers her studies, but the various warriors see it as a welcome chaotic change of pace to work together with their enemies, as well as a way to honor the Chaos gods. Morathi hired Serious Jest, a respected coach with a reputation for incurring the wrath of the gods, as the final piece to this wild card of a team.  Serious Jest wears around his neck the key to Hell’s Bells, which are actually a bell and a lantern, acquired a long time ago under unknown circumstances from the Hell Pit. Serious Jest rings the bell in advance of a match (there are no practices), which causes the lantern to start spewing a self-contained inferno so bright that its glow can be seen as far as the thunderous bell can be heard. Upon hearing and seeing Hell’s Bells, all fighting immediately ceases, and a strictly respected truce goes into effect until the match is complete.

Ischelware Midnight

Coalition: AfterLife

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: TonyW

Coach(s): TonyW

Stadium Name: The Chalk Cemetery

Mascot: A giant mechanical Igor being operated by an Igor


Hidden in the range of the Black Mountains lies the small town of Ischelware, the inhabitants mainly keep to themselves going about their daily businesses, undertakers, grave diggers, crypt robbers and traffic wardens. That is until match day when the inhabitants gather at pitchside ready to cheer on their “fresh from the morge” heros! Formed following creative differences between the former GM of the Nappinee Nightmares and their head coach, Ischelware Midnight take to the field in search of glory and corpses to swell their ranks.


Nappanee Nightmares

Coalition: Violence Together

Season Of Creation: Season 5

GM(s): Grooby Season 9 (TonyW season 8, Proudstar season 5-7

Coach(s): Proudstar

Stadium Name: SandMan Stadium

Mascot: Dr.DOOM (Chaos warrior Captain of The Demonsville Chancers stuffed ) but he dosent seem to move right with the goblins inside operating his Shell!


After a long time away Coach Proudstarr showed up where things for him started with a lot of money and a plan.. With the work of him and his assistant coach Mr. Nigglesworth they started building a team of serious monsters to put on the pitch.  With money that Proudstarr had returned with, The support of a sponsor in UPS and a menacing will of determination the team plans to cement there name in the history books of the MML. One way or the other when these monsters take the field there is no way you wont forget them for weeks to come!


Gulf Coast Chaos

Coalition: Chaotic Player Pact 

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: DmdoubleO

Coach(s): DmdoubleO

Stadium Name: Gulf Coast Stadium

Mascot: Chaos has decided to start the season with half a mascot. When a reporter asked him about it, Coach Dmdouble0 stated “It’s psychological warfare.” The coach gestured towards the gnarled pole with 2 sets of rusty blood stained manacles standing behind the dugout. “Our opponents always ask what’s the point of that.” Dmdouble0 smiled sinisterly as he continued, “It’s not complete. We’re gonna hang the first kill up there, for the season.”


Gulf Coasts sports commissioner grumbled at the idea of having the idyllic moniker of the Coast altered. The idea of fielding an all star team of multiple races quickly brightened her mood. She salivated over the possibilities. After a career ending injury Mistress Thorn had replaced the former unpopular Gulf Coast Sports commissioner.  She flipped through the many teams who wanted to venture into Blitz. The witch elf discarded them one after the other. No dark elves, no dark elves, no dark elves, to many elves, and then a sinister grin brightened her face. Looking at the ensemble cast kind of felt like home in the ATX.  Orange, black, and gold flooded the Coasts streets as the season drew near. The Gulf Coast welcomed entry into this new league. Blitz was no longer the whisper heard on the winds though. Now the growing sound was Chaos. 


Mystic Falls Timberwolves

Coalition: Far East Association

Season Of Creation: Season 8

GM: BernieBuffon

Coach(s): Berzo

Stadium Name: Mystic Grill

Mascot: A wolf called Jacob u know from twilight the actor has landed on tough times since the trilogy finished but he can change from human form to wolf gets the crowd going so our mascot is…..Jacob!!!!


Bernie and Berzo team up yet again with the new Franchise Mystic Falls Timberwolves after getting to the final and finishing runners up in there debut season there is hope they can go one better this season. Washed up Movie Star Jacob who can turn into a wolf has been signed to be there new mascot for the next two seasons at the very least. Han Tavirus who was caught getting drunk the night before the final has gone and the fans cannot wait to see what superstars will replace the ones that have left this season. The Arena is smack bang in the middle of a beautiful forest with water falls surrounding the area. Plenty of tree seats to watch the action from a high vantage point for those fans who couldnt get into the stadium to cheer on there beloved wolves. It is such a peaceful place total opposite to the fiery General Manager Bernie Buffon and his entourage of Mad Frankie Fraser and Steve Michaels. Timberwolves apo being murdered, Nut Crakers filing a discrimination law suit against the coach, POP Officials dissapearing at the hands the media are claming to be Timberwolves supporters or staff members. Bernie and Berzo being run out of Yorkshire Phoenix in claims of vampirism, and the fans turning up drained of blood! One thing for sure if you support the Timberwolves, everything isnt what it seems, and being a fan is like been in your very own soap opera.

Doomsville Chancers

Coalition: Chaotic Player Pact

Season Of Creation: Season 8

GM: Shakeydog

Coach(s): Shakeydog

Stadium Name: Torment Road

Mascot: A goblin pickpocket named Fingers


Demonsville sits on the edge of the Chaos Wastes and is a melting pot of the depraved and sadistic. Within this hive of villainous scum the Mayor had long been looking for a rehabilitation program for those dwelling in the town’s jail. An enterprising blood bowl coach had put forward the idea to the Mayor of using the sport to facilitate this. The Mayor was sceptical that such a violent sport could achieve this but his view was worst case scenario some would inevitably no longer be a problem. So it was that in season 8, coach shakeydog led out a bunch of thieves, cut throats, con men, murders, fraudsters, pick pockets and forgers. In short a bunch of Chancers


Philandelfia Seven Sixes

Coalition: Alliance Of Goodness

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: iamdimarko

Coach(s): iamdimarko

Stadium Name: Fell Wargo Center

Mascot: Seven halflings running around as dice with signed strapped to them with 6 dots on their signs, ONLY SIXES!


On this day Phil & Elfia Sports & Entertainment (PESE) was granted an MML Blitz franchise to be called the Philandelfia SevenSixes. The Philandelfia SevenSixes became the first ever real Alliance of Goodness MML Blitz franchise in the old and new World. Phil & Elfia Sports & Entertainment (PESE) have created and assembled this franchise with general manager and coach diMarko as there leading figure. “diMarko is a rebel in his way of coaching modern Blood Bowl, a new breed of coaches that thinking outside the box of the “claw claw claw” and ” one turner ” tactics as we seen alot of in last seasons.” Phil & Elfia Sports & Entertainment (PESE) says.


Hanover Hangovers

Coalition: Human League

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Darkhairmann

Coach(s): Darkhairmann

Stadium Name: Hanover Square

Mascot: It’s my three drunken friends, they are like the three stooges, except mainly drunk!

The journey for aspiring GM Darkhairman2 and his newly formed blitz team “The Hanover Hangovers” is a tale of intrigue, mystery and sheer wild imagination, except that it happens to be exactly why he is here in the MML now and ready to take back the things he lost, mainly his ticket back to the real world. Like most stories of old, this one begins on a dark, rainy night at the local watering hole, Darkhairman2 and three of his close friends spent the evening drinking, laughing and goofing around, never expecting the journey just ahead… The lightning cracked and a flash light up the room, as the large hulk of Darkhairman2 filled the doorway to the bar and pushed through to the meet the pouring rain. His three friends (Jim, Joe, and Bill) followed him as quickly as they could out the door and into the madness. “I’m not sure we should walk in this rain!” called Jim, wishing as always that his friend wasn’t so bullheaded and risky. “The air feels likes it’s charged with enough juice to electrocute us without lightning!” he shouted above the roar of another peal of thunder.   “We only have 3 blocks to walk and the rain is good for helping us sober up and prepare for the next round in the Man Den.” growled Darkhairman2, conscious as ever that his friend Jim was a safety nut and completely out of control with his fears of life. Dark was busy thinking about the next round of mead in the luxurious basement haven he had created for himself and his friends, complete with a fully built 3D tabletop Blood Bowl pitch. He and his friends had been playing casually for years and though they were good, Dark somehow found a way to be ahead of them enough of the time to be considered the Den Champion. With thoughts of mead in mind he quickly set the pace to home, dodging into and out of awnings and tree coverings to avoid as much water as possible, but nevertheless getting drenched in the process. His friends tried to follow suit but each of them had something they kept them from moving with the speed and quickness of Darkhairman2. Jim spent his time worry about every detail and watching to make sure he didn’t stand to close to tall objects in the event that lightning struck him and he died, Joe had suffered a severe injury to his leg in a bar fight and walked with a limp and Bill was too overweight, and probably too drunk to match the pace set, so they ambled, stumbled and gimped their way along behind as best they could. “Hey Dark, wait up!” gasped Bill and as Dark turned to wait for his friends, a large bolt of lightning struck the ground in between them and they vanished into the smoke left behind…

Drumphtopia Winners

Coalition: Superior Being Ring

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: Sturmjarl

Coach(s): Sturmjarl

Stadium Name: Drumph Towers

Mascot: Lil Drumph


World-renowned, super-successful and Uber-rich, Count Archibald Drumph of Mousillon has long been the major force behind the MML Pro League. When the MML’s Corrupt Commissioner Preach decided to establish a new mixed-raced BLITZ! League, Count Drumph seized the opportunity to bring ONLY the VERY BEST races together to dominate this new league as he has done in the past with the Greatest Bretonnian team on the pitch, the Mousillon Morningstars! (ummm….Really?).  As Regent of Mousillon in Bretonnia, Count Drumph had been making some controversial alliances with Vladamir Sputin of Sylvannia, but ever the capitatlist, Drumph announced his MOST ambitious SUPER-SECRET project EVER…the establishment of the Island-Resort Nation of Drumphtopia!   Drumph has built the MOST LUXURIOUS COUNTRY where only THE VERY BEST PEOPLE who can afford the astonishingly exorbitant and ULTRA-exclusive membership fee to partake in…well…whatever their money can buy ($KA-CHING$) And it only made sense for the Greatest New-Nation to have only the VERY BEST BLOOD BOWL team made up of only the GREATEST RACES OF THE OLDE WORLD!! Your DRUMPHTOPIA WINNERS!!


Dragon Isle Poachers

Coalition: Anit-Fur Society

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: RandTheMad

Coach(s): Xurpils (Season 7 Sestonn, Season 6 Berzo)

Stadium Name: The Cage

Mascot: A Dwarf Water Dragon named Draco


The fact that the Dragon Isles can field a Blood Bowl team is something that many thought would not be possible. The people that reside on the Dragon Isles are thought to be poor, and barely able to survive. The outsiders might call them Poachers, hunters of exotic, powerful and rare trophies. Truth be told, they were poor, and while they did it for survival, they often went into lands they did not own to hunt, something that their neighbors would not be happy about, if they knew. In the past, long forgotten by most, they were considered the best hunters in the world, and hired across the world to hunt monsters and beasts, be it Dragons, Minotaurs, or Giants. They were wealthy, and known world wide. As the contracts dried up, empires came and went, they were left behind in history. The council decided that getting in on the new Blitz Blood Bowl league, would be just what was needed to make the Dragon Isles known, and wealthy again. They took the risk, put the remainder of the Dragon Isles wealth on the line and created the Dragon Isle Poachers. They scoured the world looking for a coach that would lead them to glory and riches. After many long months, and a lot of refusals, they found their coach. The man called himself the Protege of Rand, a person the Council had never even heard of. But they needed a coach, and he talked big. Thus Matrim The Lucky was signed as Coach of the Dragon Isle Poachers. They converted The Cage (a stadium of sorts where they used to have monsters fight to the death) into a Blood Bowl team and began preparations.


Tiwanaku Flying Pebbles

Coalition: Union Of Small People

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: GioHacekas

Coach(s): GioHacekas

Stadium Name: Sacred Titikaka

Mascot: Pebbles


By the shores of the Sacred Titikaka Lake, the people of Tiwanaku awaited the arrival of Inti, the Sun God. Mama Okllo had foretold his arrival would bring a new age to the World; an age of Light and Happiness. Of course, before that, a trial was to be held; a trail to judge if the World deserved Inti’s blessing. One millennium had passed since the last trial; Tiwanaku had passed that one with honors and secured peace and joy for generations. However, they had grown too content and prepared very little for Inti’s return. They had lost their pride and their drive to win. Mama Okllo wept in despair; who would lead the people of Tiwanaku on the Pitch? To no avail, they had looked long and far for a Coach who would accept this holy task. They all declined since Tiwanaku’s fame had faded over time and they knew Blitz! was a trial like no other. Just when they were about to give up hope, someone told them of a Mad Coach who loved Holy Quests… and that’s how they met GioHacekas.


Butetown Brawlers

Coalition: Alliance Of Good

Season Of Creation: Season 9


Coach(s): NTB

Stadium Name: Butetown Trampledome

Mascot: A human dressed up as a tree, with a bow over his shoulder, a breastplate, a turkey leg in one hand and a tankard of beer in the other.


Tiger Bay was in a terrible state. It was a no-go area for normal folk; a den of thieves, mercenaries and cutthroats; a wretched hive of scum and villainy. The warpstone export trade, and town, was run by Skaven Clan Rictus and Overlord Krazak, ruler of the Chaos mercs and self-appointed Mayor of the thriving port, but also the head of a criminal organisation, a group of the dirtiest, deadliest men who ever lived, disguised as a (successful) Blood Bowl Franchise. That was until the Three Trees Alliance decided enough was enough. You see the warpstone was coming down from the mountains near their valley, polluting their rivers and farmland, and the roots of the trees they held dear. The Alliance cared for and protected people from five different races who all lived together harmoniously and with good intentions. They took umbrage to the encroaching forces of darkness and the evil trade they partook in. The three trees in charge had had enough. (The Alliance always has three trees in charge. If one tree takes his final rooting, one will grow into his place). They decided that they would take over the town and with it the port of Tiger Bay, and change the trading goods to wood, crops, crafts; things that would benefit the good people of the world, not pollute them. United by a common purpose, and containing many fierce Dwarven fighters, Human warriors, Elven bowmen, Bretonnian Knights and even some Halfling Ankle-biters, they swept into town and “cleared out the trash” one brawl at a time.  Things were good for a while. But then the locals, and particularly the visiting seamen, got antsy, more vocal and more violent, complaining that their previous “entertainment” had been neutered or disappeared entirely. That had nothing to satisfy their baser urges. The Three Trees Alliance came up with a plan. They would take over the now derelict Butetown Trampledome (I mean, it was pretty derelict to begin with), the home of the old Tramplers, and create a new franchise, a good franchise, made up of players from the valley races, and run in a long-term, ethical way. The stadium was renowned for its roughness and lack of comfort, so the Alliance modernised it, and installed Ogre security guards to ensure no weapons could be brought in. Although the locals bemoaned the old days of lobbing rocks and spears, they were happy to have at least one of their entertainments back. It was agreed the team would even retain the same coach, after they found him languishing in a dive bar clutching his Season 4 trophy, “Delilah”, in an unseemly fashion… He was only too happy to have a group of players who actually wanted to play ball this time. The team would play in white and gold to signify their purity and integrity and they would be named after the area’s true title, Butetown.

Hamelin Renegades

Coalition: Chaotic Player Pact

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: VpowerV

Coach(s): VpowerV

Stadium Name: Weser Pipes

Mascot: A dual wielding Skaven pup, dagger in one hand pipe in the other.

Championship(s): Season 8


A team made up of Skaven slaves collected from towns all across the kingdom by the notorious Piper Assassin family.  The team was formed when the Pied Piper a former hitman fell on hard times and resorted to working as a ratcatcher, he was hired by the town of Hamelin to rid them of a particularly nasty infestation of plagued vermin. As the best ratcatcher around the Pied Piper had no problem rounding up and exiling the rodents but when the Mayor, Brian Silverspoon refused the gold payment to Piper for his services and the rest of the citizens dishonoured him by laughing him out of town, he furiously vowed revenge!  The Pied Piper returned to the town early one Sunday as the adults attended church service and using his magic pipe lured all the children from the town never to be seen again.  Some say he marched them into the River Weser as he often did to drown the rats, others that he led them to a cave on top of Koppelburg Hill and sealed them in… then there’s the theory that he took them underground into the sewage pipes that led from Hamelin Town across to the river and fed them to his secret rat army he had been collecting!  Either way, not long after the incident the Piper Dark Elf family founded the Hamelin Renegades Blood Bowl team. A Chaotic Pact of Elfs and vicious Skaven kept in check by a Warp Troll that once lived under the Weser Bridge. The Pied Piper himself is still mia, possibly due to the huge bounty still placed on his head.


Tschernobyl Cockroaches

Coalition: Far East Association

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Bubimann

Coach(s): Bubimann

Stadium Name: Ruins Of Prypjat

Mascot: 11 goblins dressed in cockroach suits doing the poopy dance trying to distract the other the team best they can!


Few people know that Blood Bowl was invented by cockroaches over 1,000 years ago. It started with an apparently mentally disturbed cockroach suddenly starting to transport its lumps of feces into the nest of the neighboring cockroach tribe. In retaliation for this, the cockroaches of the neighboring tribe mimicked this outrageous behavior and in turn transported an even larger lump of feces to the hostile nest. And so it went back and forth for many, many years in ever larger and crazier dimensions. Until finally a kind of competition between cockroach nests developed. One day a small rat human observed this behavior and came up with the idea of ​​imitating this cockroach popular sport in order to carry chunks of irradiated warpstone into the surrounding villages of the hated human people. Delighted by the resulting malformations in the affected human settlements, other rat people soon began to practice this sport. The affected villagers finally found out and smoked almost all rat people in the area. Only the family of the rat human clan boss was spared when he threatened to put a deadly curse on the mayor of the human settlement. Superstitious like this, he agreed with the Rat people’s clan chief to organize a kind of competition between his village and the rat human nest every year. The aim was to carry the radiant chunks of warpstone to the market place / storage cave of the others within a certain time window and, if successful, treat people / rat people like gods for a full year. This annual popular sport between the human settlement and the rat nest was soon so popular that other human settlements and rat nests adopted this custom and ultimately carried it out to all regions of the old world. After that, it only took a few hundred years until the rules of today’s Blood Bowl developed.  Sadly no one spoke of the cockroaches anymore. Until a year ago the big cockroach “The mangy parasite” began to set up its own team under the direction of the young aspiring manager Bubimann28. However, Bubimann28 knew that a cockroach-based BloodBowl team would have difficulty fighting other BloodBowl teams. He therefore began to recruit the most capable players from the most diverse wild races in the eastern country for his new team “Chernobyl Cockroaches”. However, he had to promise “The mangy parasite” that all help activities for the team will always be taken over by cockroaches and that only cockroaches will be mentioned at future awards ceremonies or pressreports. If he violated this agreement, he would be fed with the litter of the surrounding cockroach nests for a full year. However, if he adheres to the agreement, he will be promised a reward that will surpass even his wildest dreams….

Badlands Bears

Coalition: Human Leeague

Season Of Creation: Season 7

GM: Girth

Coach(s): Dragoon (Royke Season 7)

Stadium Name: Boulder Field

Mascot: ‘Ol Grizzly, ex pro player who can’t be kept away so team keep him involved!


The bears came from a country where there was nothing but blood, tears and war. They all had enough of it so most of the people from a small town named jukumari moved, looking for a better place to live. They stumbled on the badlands. They soon became popular to the local races of which there was many for there grand tales. The word got around and soon all humans from every part of the globe was travelling to see the so called bears. It was there they built a stadium after the them and named it Boulder Field as it was mainly heald together by 2 boulders. So the president of the bears had a plan to make them more known, to start the blitz team.


Badlands Rejects

Coalition: Violence Together

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: The DoomFrog

Coach(s): The DoomFrog

Stadium Name: Troll-a-lol Stadium

Mascot: Tickels the Troll


Coach Doomfrog unable to find any reasonable financial backers took his crazy idea to the only place he could afford to build a ‘stadium. The back waters of the Badlands. The hastily constructed Troll-a-lol Stadium has be outfitted with the finest VIP sweets trying to draw in the wealthy fans more interested in bodies then how the frachise it’s self dose.


Port Reaver Outlanders

Coalition: Anti-Fur Society

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: davevsshark

Coach(s): davevsshark

Stadium Name: Keelhaul Arena

Mascot: Otto Ordsmedar, A drunken berserker


A nomad for most of his life, Coach and GM DaveVsShark recently settled in the coastal town of Port Reaver, typically considered a tourist town and trading post. When approached to help bring up their Blood Bowl expansion team, he jumped at the chance. The Outlanders were formed with the same sprit of the explorers and travelers that founded Port Reaver, and look to tap into a rabid Blood Bowl fan base that has long been clamoring for their a team to call their own. With significant investment in talent and a brand new arena, The Outlanders look to show the league that a team can succeed in an area that has a population traditionally considered too transient and a market considered too small.

Feckington Fire Hams

Coalition: Human League

Season Of Creation: Season 1-2, Season 8

GM: DiscoDave

Coach(s): Murre  (DiscoDave season 1-2, Season 8)

Stadium Name: Phoenix Park Stadium

Mascot: A freshly smoked ham


Feckington is the capital of Feckington Island, situated in the middle of nowhere. The origins of Feckington Island are sketchy at best, but it is known that the founders didn’t want to conform to the norm. Their ancestors carry on the only three traditions they were given; Drinking, Eating and… well, we have the Amazon Ladies! 😁It’s is these Amazon Ladies who are looking to introduce a 4th tradition to Feckington… Playing BloodBowl. The reason, because the males of Feckington Island are becoming fat and lazy. The initial response to this was not received well so the Ladies did what they do best… manipulate the situation! On a cold dark night they refurbished the most popular venue on the island, The Smoke House and when the regulars arrived challenged them to a series of games to see who was best and the winner would get a free Fired Ham. The competition was fierce and proved so popular the regulars wanted another competition the next week and the next week and the next… this led The Smoke House to turn their beer garden into a football pitch and to create a BloodBowl team, the Feckington Fire Hams.


Ragefire Raptors

Coalition: Elfic Grand Coalitiom

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Skarrz

Coach(s): Skarrz

Stadium Name: Ragefire Peak Arena

Mascot: Reigor the Raptor


Head coach, general manager, chief financial officer and scouting chief: Skarraz Spitespyre. (He doesn’t trust anyone else to do it right, and would do the catering himself if he had time) Background: After being disqualified from the Ragefire Mountain Blood Bowl League due to breaking the financial fair play rules (the head coach was quoted as saying “a million gold? For a whole team? We spent that on hair gel last season!”) The elven union team The Ragefire Raptors searched high and low for a new place to ply their trade. After refusing entry to three leagues for financial reasons, an offer to join the MML Blitz expansion season beckoned, and upon learning they would be permitted a much, much larger budget for their team, they signed instantly. Known for being filthy rich, arrogant beyond belief, and willing to accept any elf, of any nation, talented enough to make the team, the Raptors are ready to show the world Moneyball is the true path to Franchise success.

Appalachian Paws

Coalition: Union Of Small People

Season Of Creation: Season 1

GM: ReznorRulesYou

Coach(s): ReznorRulesYou

Stadium Name: Turkington Hall

Mascot: Sammy The Saw


Stunties have long been the source of mocking and disbelief that they can do much other than desperately tossing them down the field. The Appalachian Paws have formed to combat this notion, and show the world the way the game is meant to be played!  Assembling well known talent from across the globe, The Paws began as a simple retreat in the mountains for stunty players to hone their skills. Not long after this however, word of a uniquely talented Looney reached the backwoods of Appalachia.  Seeing CabalVision tapes of this player was all the Paws needed to realize it was finally time to bring their beautiful game to the public.  The Paws now train relentlessly, trying to put a team on the field that they and the rest of the stunty nation can be proud of.  They may not win, they may not live, but they will continue on in hopes of bringing glory to #TheUnion.


Atlantis Sea Vipers

Coalition: Anti-Fur Society

Season Of Creation: Season 1-2, Season 9

GM: Osiris_Bluesun (aka S-C-Wyatt)

Coach(s): Ariel_Bluesun (aka Lady wyatt)

Stadium Name: Atlantis Bay Arena

Mascot: The Vipers mascot is the Atlantis Sea Serpent. A terrifying sea creature which mythically roams the shoreline. However, since the creature is probably not real Atlantis Vipers games are attended by an eccentric islander who dons a cuddly looking outfit depicting the Sea Serpent and dances heartily at the sidelines.


Over Ten Millenia ago the Island of Atlantis is rumoured to have been destroyed. Defeated in battle by the Athenians and lost for all time. But those were just rumours! The Island nation still exists and after all this time they’ve decided to reveal themselves once more. Atlantans have been playing BloodBowl since their earliest history, so when word of the MML Blitz league reached their seafaring spies the reclusive island state couldn’t resist submitting an entry! The Atlantis Vipers are the brainchild of a sinister clade of reptilian creatures who pull the strings on Atlantis. The Vipers will recruit players who can represent the ancient utopia and its four pillars of society.

  • The Lizardmen: Serpent men who rule the Island in shadowy courts, whose influence is rumoured to reach far into the MML.
  • The Norse: Seafaring warriors whose ancient army still protects Atlantis waters today.
  • The Kislev: A mixture of intellectuals, entertainers and artists, the beating heart of Atlantis society.
  • The Amazons: The Island Elite. Heroines and Great Leaders all. Looked up to by the Islanders.


Hoffenheim Honeybadgers

Coalition: Chaotic Player Pact

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Thunden

Coach(s): Thunden

Stadium Name: Felldew Hall

Mascot: A beaten and enslaved news reporter.


Hoffenheim had long been the jewel in the crown of the Ostroman Empire. Temples and centres of learning abounded in the capital city and people flocked to see the lavish architecture and partake of the avant garde cuisine. The city grew fat and lazy on its laurels, the inhabitants didn’t want for anything and their every need was fulfilled… all that is… except one. No one in the city cared to play the national sport, Blood Bowl. Too afraid and too much to lose. The population so unused to not getting what they desired from their privileged positions began to become most vocal at the lack of a team. The mayor of Hoffenheim could see no way forward, no willing volunteers to mount a challenge or to even hope to compete in the powerful MML Leagues. After a meeting with Prince Ludwig where he was left in no uncertain terms that if this issue was not resolved in the near future he would be held accountable, Gareth of Wilmott was deeply troubled. In his private room in the Golden Chalice he soothed his anxiety with a deep red from the Scarlet Vale. How was he to hold onto his comfortable position here? One couldn’t just force the populace to play… That was when it came to him… perhaps there was another option? He’d head of a mysterious competition away from the standard Blood Bowl leagues… what was it called now… ah yes Blitz! He sent out messengers immediately to bring him more information, could this Blitz! League be the answer to his problems? As the messengers returned they brought with them tidings of the immensely powerful Blitz! Teams and the league in which they played. He had a passing affinity with Blood Bowl but this seemed to be a conglomeration of the worlds finest players and mercenaries of the highest order. How had this been kept from the good people of Hoffenheim?  Here was the perfect opportunity… he could simply draft a team in to participate! None of the fat and lazy locals needed to represent their city! No! They could pay someone to do that, what a wonderfully capitalistic opportunity to save his neck! Other messengers soon arrived and brought word of the potential coaches who they could look to hire. There was the Son of Francia, Stuntmandidi, but no one had heard from him in a time. Joker the Fourth was similarly believed lost in the Pleasure Castle. Out of the names remaining only two really stuck out for him. One was Coach Shakytumbleweed a renowned dwarven coach of some skill and the other a human by the name of Thunden who seemed to have been around forever with little success. Unfortunately Coach Tumbleweed had already responded to his initial overtures with a terse, “Thanks but no thanks.”… it looked like he would be going with the second option. Sure enough Coach Thunden seemed easy to convince and he could almost hear the greed in his voice when told of the salary he would be obtaining. Commitments made, he awaited the arrival of Thunden in order to plan their strategy for starting in this league and how they could make the team to the taste of the local population. Now… perhaps there was something that could be done with the spirit animal of the city, the noble honey badger…

Philly Tailgate Brawlers

Coalition: Superior Being Ring

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Jimmymac

Coach(s): Jimmymac

Stadium Name: Veterans Stadium

Mascot: A life sized D battery named “Duck!”


Philadelphia was on a short list to receive an expansion MML franchise and surprised no one when it was granted. This city is known for booing its own players, hurling batteries and bottles at opposing players, and most infamously throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. Could there be a more perfect place to play blood bowl? With all that said the blue collar city embraces sports like no other and the ones with violence go to the top of the list. Season tickets for the Bullies sold out in 8 minutes and they can’t wait to begin carving a path of carnage and victory to bring title parades down Broad st again.


Necropolypse Narcoleptics

Coalition: Afterlife

Season Of Creation: Season 9

GM: Alma

Coach(s): Overkill

Stadium Name: Heart Of Darkness

Mascot: The three headed dog Cerberus


From the ashes raised a mighty team, a team that never sleeps. A team built for blood bowl.  All that take the pitch not only fear the team in front of them but to become them.  This team never sleeps, always waiting to take on their next team and add to their ranks.  Time will never come to the ones that dont sleep.  For the ones that dont sleep shall always be dead and the dead shall join them!

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