Season Notes

Each season rules may get changed or added to Blitz.  This page is here to keep you up to date!!!!!  Also each seasons Fluff is added as well for easy to find details!!!

Season 15

Season 15 Fluff:

Proposal for Season 15:

Proposal… YT and Mutation Nation should have parity. By that I mean;
1. YT and MN should have the 150k upfront investment making them both equal.
Board Conclusion: Both Youth Team and Mutation Nation will be 50,000 gold per season to use.  The 150,000 start up fee will be removed on Youth Team.
2. YT should be able to pay 30k for a double access, like mutation nation gets to choose block / wrestle on a double.
Board Conclusion:  No since YT can pick skills from what was rolled, MN only gets mutation.
3. YT should be able to pay 30k to guarantee positional like MN
Board Conclusion:  The 30,000 to guarantee will be removed from MN.
4. Instead of 50k off the salary for YT it should be 30% off like mutation nation Likewise, the opposite would be fine, so mutation nation costs 150k to use it for the first time, once a rule change is implemented
Board Conclusion: All bonuses for ether YT or MN will be changed to 30% off all MN and YT players salaries on the team (meaning you can have more then one on the team and they both would get that discount on the salary).

Proposal..  Remove Wizards from inducements and assign to lower level sponsors like we do with Merc’s
Board Conclusion: Wizards will no longer be able to be taken in the inducement phase instead will be added to lower sponsors.  (see below changes for details)



Season 14


Proposal for Season 14:
–Return, at least, to a maximum of six rounds in the draft, Preferably a maximum of five rounds in the draft
The draft will go back to 6 rounds, with 2 extra rounds for new or returning teams.


  • Auctioneer only sells Expansion Picks (see rules for more details)
  • Can’t sell picks to the BOA
  • Added wording to how Draft order is determined

Season 14 Fluff:

Marry Blitzmas (S14 Fluff)

Season 13

  • New Draft Rules- non rookie lineman must be drafted.  Free agent market after the draft is available only for rookie lineman.
  • Draft has increased to 7 rounds
  • Picks can still be traded prior to the auctioneer
  • The Auctioneer has changed to a silent auction.  Pick bidders wont be known until the auction is done.  Minimum prices are posted in the trade channel pinned and in the rule page
  • The Rancher- Rancher cost 50k and only one draft pick.  The draft pick used is based off level of player-  Level 6-7 first round pick, 4-5 third pick, 1-3 6th round pick
  • UPS- instead of using the money after the draft, you get the money before the draft to use in the draft. 10% based off your last season tv or 10% of 2 million for new teams (max 250k) can
  • Pop Khorne = instead of using the money after the draft, you get the money before the draft to use in the draft.
  • Dark Wizard Guild has been removed
  • New Sponsor– Nurgle King— Giving the fans what they want, one burger at a time or making them want their own limbs to chew on!
    Level 3
    Enhancement = Royal Box
    Sponsor bonus- 325,000- Must start and end the season with 3 level 5+ players.
    Sponsor perk- After draft team must not expend 2250tv, if they didn’t go over 2250 the team may hire any player up to level 6 from the free agent market after the draft.
  • Wizards can now be taken during the inducement phase



Season 12

  • Bank of Altdorf annual fee has been removed
  • Auctioneer will not be used this season so trades for picks can be done instead.  There will be a minimum price they can be traded for picks based on what round they are.  Minimum prices–  Expansion (1 max per new teams) pick 150k, 1st round pick 80k, 2nd round pick 60k, 3rd round pick 40k, 4th round pick 30k, 5th round pick 20k, 6th round pick and on 10k

The Final Ride–  Here’s how it works.

Each team can go to the Cold Tombs (my team secretion).  During the main draft only, each team may draft 1 dead player from the cold tombs.  This player will return (thanks to Necrosoft for the 1 season.  All injuries a player has are healed.  These players can not stay longer then season 12 as they are dead and all dead things must return to the dead.  These players will count toward your team TV.  Only level 3 or higher players can be brought back from the dead for this.  ALL teams must have one player from the cold tombs on their team.

Season 11

  • Season 11
  • New change to how draft picks are assigned and how the draft will work.
    Draft order— The lowest seeded team from each play pool (4 for this season plus ties) are randomly seated 1-4 plus ties. If there is any ties after head to head then both teams go into the bottom draw. All other non playoff teams are seated randomly after that. New teams or returning franchises are put in the with the rest of the non playoff teams. Playoff teams get seated in the draft based on when they were eliminated from playoffs, with the lower ranked team going before the higher ranked team. Ending with the runner up and then the Champ.  The draft order will be done after the playoffs are done and registration is closed in a new “draft day” show.
    The Draft— The drafts will no longer snake, instead go 1-32, 1-32 etc. (or the number of picks per round equal to number of teams entering the next season of play)
  • A new playoff payout (for season 11).  Payouts for playoff teams— 8-5 25k, 4-3 50k, 2nd 75k, champion 100k plus ether half off a level 4 or less returning players salary for next season or may keep and extra player from the team but must sacrifice their second round draft pick.
  • Fallowing changes to team services. Each season you must pay to use the service again but you DONT have to buy stuff if you already have it on the team, eg cheerleaders, coaches etc.
  • Bank Of Atldorf- will be half the start up price 25k renewal fee and wording
  • The Rancher- Prices for drafting a player from the Ranch– 2nd round pick for a Level 7, 3rd R level 5 and 6, 4th round level 4 and below.
  • Bribe A Sponsor- 50k gold to see 2 sponsors. 30k for additional looks.
  • Roaring Fans- new factor for payout. cheerleaders + Fan Factor x 5 (instead of 10)
  • Blitz Scouting Agency- Changed from 30k (was 40k)
  • Youth Team & Mutation Nation- GM’s may spend 25k to re roll 1 roll during the creation of these services (may only be done once) plus wording
  • Competitive Tax- Tax will be one 50% for going over. (was 20%, 30%, 50%).
  • Wording added to Long Term IR
  • New Sponsor level 4- Coaches Corner  (see Sponsor pages)
  • The Auctioneer–
    Expansion draft stays the same as is. The Auctioneer has come in to help move draft picks. Again bottom team from all play pools is randomly seated in the top 4. Fallowed by all new and non playoff teams randomly seated. Playoff teams are seated as they are eliminated from the playoffs with the lower seeded team seated above higher seated teams. Fallowed by runner up and then the champs.
    Heres how it works– Picks can be sold by the auctioneer, for their minimum amount they start at. A date will be set and if you wish to sell any picks you must give the list to a Blitz Board Member. If you can make the auction day, you can give a list to a Blitz Board Member with what pick (s) you want to bid on and what your max for the pick your willing to spend.
    Minimum Price Value for all picks– Expansion draft pick 200k (expansion teams may only sell max of 1 expansion picks) 1st round pick- 100k, 2nd round pick-70k 3rd round pick-50k 4th round pick- 30k 5-6 round picks plus any picks for new/returning teams- 15k. Your Blitz Office staff have come to an agreement with the Bank Of Altdorf for buying picks that are not sold at auction. These picks may ether be kept by the selling gm or sold to the bank for half minimum money value.
    Draft picks (not including expansion picks) may still be traded in trades for players but may not be traded for gold or other picks. (subject to the boards approval and a veto vote)
  • Seasons Fluff-

    Secret Santa

    Here`s how it works:

    In the spirit of an office secret Santa, every coach has to draw another coaches name from a hat (I will do this for you and keep it a true secret) and create one level 6 player for that coach. These players will be made to the fallowing rules…  Position will be randomly (no big guys) chosen, must be a level 6 player, 1 stat up max, no mutations and must come with a proper name.  If the roll is for a position that is maxed the roll is re rolled.  Once the player has been made the gift receiver will be told what player they received through this gift.  These players must be part of the team for the season as they are a gift!!!!!   Teams will be told and may add after the Draft but before Free Agent market has opened.  The player is a gift and to show this the player doesn’t cost the team anything to play for the team, they also do not count toward tv for tax reasons.  These players will be for season 11 only (not tracked).  If you wish to keep them past season 11 you must declared this prior to the audit phase.  A small $25,000 charity donation to the Homeless Rotter Foundation will be required.  They also must be kept at the end of the season (if alive) with one of your 5 keep player slots.  Will the present-giver be benevolent and full of Xmas spirit and create you a beauty like Santa or will he be a Grinch and screw you over! You’ll only find out just before the season starts!


  • Season 10

  • Season 10
  • Competitive Balance Tax has been re written.
  •  Pop Khorne will have a max of 250k in salaries reimbursed. Hard Cap to be removed.
  • Goblin Gambling moved to a level 1 sponsor. Team needs to get 9 points for the season to get 275k payout.  Perk – 25k per win paid out at the end of the season.
  • A new level 4 sponsor is on its way to take the open sport.
  • Level 4 sponsors payouts have increased by 100k.
  • Scouting Reports has been re worded.
  • Season 9 Fluff:
  • Season 9

  • Season 9
  • Playoff trees have been re worded
  • Team services re worked
  • A detailed list of Sanctions has been added to the sanction section in the rules
  • Proposal to the Board
    1- (Proposal) All teams that didn’t make playoffs are randomly assigned the first picks (this keeps teams from tanking for 1st pick).
    (Board’s Conclusion) We feel at this time there is no need for a change to how teams are seeded  for the upcoming draft.
    2- (Proposal) The next draft picks are assigned to playoff teams, with the teams who lost in earlier rounds getting earlier picks (randomly assigned between teams who went out in the same round), and with the champion getting the last pick.
    (Board’s Conclusion) This is more or less how we are doing it.  As rounds end in the playoffs teams are seeded based on their season points.  Lower points gets the earlier pick
    3- (Proposal) Next draft picks assigned to teams who participated in the expansion draft, in reverse order of their expansion draft order.
    (Board’s Conclusion) Expansion teams will be assigned their draft pick for the main draft and that order will be reversed for the expansion draft
    • Season 9 Fluff:  POP (Protect Our Players) is a syndicate what has taken over MML Blitz and has hacked into the free agency market. The Blitz Organization has finally caught the culprits but its to late to change free agency for this season. So there will not be any claw pieces added (They Hurt Players with there claws) No Piling On as they may hurt themselves and there opponent so this is double dangerous!! No one turners as they fear these players go to fast and could fall over and hurt themselves!!!! No Leaping players as it to high risk of failing and breaking their necks. MML Blitz staff has come to an agreement with POP and teams will fallow these guidelines for season 9. Teams can have 2 Claw players, 2 piling on players and 1 natural one turn and 1 leap player. Teams may have more players with these skills but must pay an extra 20k per skill as an agreement with POP to help fallen, retired or killed Blood bowl payers during the games. MML Blitz apologizes for this POP Shenanigans and we assure you that everything will be back to normal for Season 10. (POP taxes will be paid after the team has passed their audits, before the season starts). Captain my Captain is also back.    Captain my Captain- Here`s how it works. “Each team assigns a captain. The Captain must be 1 of your top 2 spp players. The captain must be on the field at all times (unless hurt or KO`d). When making your team your captain will have a C put after his name. At the end of the season if your captain lived to the end your team gains 50,000 gold (bonus spp for players removed)



  • Season 8

  • Season 8
  • Sponsors have been re worked (were done for off season between S8-S9)
  • Sponsor loyalty bonus has been removed and a new system has been brought in-  number of teams that sign with a sponsor gets paid by the fallowing chart.  1 team signed 400k gold, 2 teams that sign 300k each, 3 teams that sign 200k each, 4+ teams signed 100k each. (were done for off season between S8-S9)
  • Teams were able to keep 6 players instead of the 5 season before (for S8 off season)
  • Enhancement changes- All enhancements are 100k each for the first time bought. If you switch to another and back to one you have all ready bought it’s only 50k. This will now be tracked on are end but sadly will start this now (old team’s former enhancements are lost and sadly have to start over after this season minus the one you have now) (were done for off season between S8-S9)
  • Season 8 Fluff:  Captain my Captain– Here`s how it works. “Each team assigns a captain. The Captain must be 1 of your top 2 spp players. The captain must be on the field at all times (unless hurt or KO`d). When making your team your captain will have a C put after his name. At the end of the season if your captain lived to the end your team gains 50,000 gold and all returning players gain an extra 5 spp.”
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