Rules & Regulations

**Above video is out of date but still has some great stuff in it**

Article I – Blitz League Officers

Your Blitz League officers are available if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.
For league-specific issues, please contact the League commissioner first. If the League commissioner is unavailable, contact one one of the co-commissioners. If you cannot contact a commissioner or co-commissioner, and your issue is time-sensitive (for instance, if you are requesting a trade or game reset), please use contact one of the other staff members.

Article II – League Entry & Other Fees

Naming Convention: All teams must adhere to the following naming conventions:

  • Team Names:
    • [Location*] [Mascot]
    • Example: Sidney Wallabees
    • Bad Examples: Bobs Farm Team, Alpha Boys, etc.
  • Stadium Names:
    • Can not use “The”, unless it fits the name
    • Must use the name of an actual place – meaning, stadiums must sound like they could actually be a real structure.
    • Examples: The Heartdome, Ice Pit, etc.
    • Bad Examples: Forest, Bog
  • Player Names:
    • Players are named by the League in all situations.

Team Logos/Color: All teams must select a Logo not selected by returning teams (see standings for what teams have current.  Colors need to be approved by a blitz agent.

Entry Fee (Registration):

  • Returning teams will receive a Free Season Pass at the end of the season
    • This pass is only good for the next season and cannot be transferred to future seasons
    • This pass is for the team it was issued to, not the Coach or GM of that team
    • This pass may be gifted to another Coach or GM who wishes to take on the team

* Locations can be real or fictitious, but must make sense as a real geographical location.

Article III – Prize Payout Structure

The winner of the season will receive a Boom symbol next to their discord name.

Payouts for playoff teams— 8-5 25k, 4-3 50k, 2nd 75k, champion 100k plus ether half off a level 4 or less returning players salary for next season or may keep and extra player from the team but must sacrifice their second round draft pick.

Article IV – Playoff Configuration

The Championship playoffs will start on the eighth week of the season and last 2 weeks.

Playoff ties will be determined by the fallowing:

  • Total Points
  • Head To Head
  • Coin Toss and or a One Of Game
  • Total wins may be used to decide seating amongst teams already clinched playoff spot (if H2H couldn’t be used)

Note: Blitz Board always has the final say on seating and tie breakers.

Seasons with 24+ teams:

The League will implement a 8-team Championship playoff system.

  • (24-31 teams)  League will have 3 conferences World, Europe, American
  • (32+ teams) League will have 4 conferences (names to be determined)
  • The top 2 teams from each Conference will go to the Playoffs. (6 or 8 Total)
  • (24-31 teams). 2 wild card teams (teams with the next best total points after the top 6 and may come from any pool or all from the same pool) will go to the playoffs.
  • Seeding will be determined by playoff tie breaker system (see above).

Seasons with 23 or less teams:

The league will implement a 6-team Championship playoff system.

  • League will have 2 conferences (names to be determined)
  • The top two teams from each Conference will go to the Playoffs. (4 Total)
  • 2 wild card teams (teams with the next best total points after the top 4 and may come from any pool or all from the same pool) will go to the playoffs.
  • Seeding will be determined by playoff tie breaker system (see above).
  • The #1 and #2 seeds will receive a first round bye.

Note: Playoffs will always be re seeded so top remaining seed vs the lowest seed left in the playoffs (remaking and re ticketing may result in game)

Article V – Franchise Team Rules

A Blitz! team is considered a Franchise team once they have a Season Pass. Franchises come in three different types and have separate but similar criteria.  Those types are:

  • ALL TEAMS–  The tax level for all is 2300 in game tv.  Also a tv cap “hard cap” is in affect at 2600 in game tv (teams may go over this after the season starts)
  • New Franchise– Brand new to Blitz
  • Returning Franchise– Have played in Blitz before but not in the latest season
  • Current Team– Teams that played in the last season of Blitz
  • All teams– Teams may not have more then 2 pilling on players or no more then 1 MV10 player on their team at any time.  (teams caught with breaking this rule will be sanctioned 200k and player removed from the team)

Game Day Inducements:

  • Bloodwiser Babe
  • Apothecary
  • Bribe
  • Extra Team Re Roll
  • Halfling Chef
  • Max of 40,000 gold can be spent from your treasury during the inducement phase

Note: If its not on the list you can’t take it.  If an inducement is taken that is not allowed a 50k sanction and restart to the game will happen.

New Franchises

New Franchises are defined as a team that has never played in the Blitz! league before. New Franchises are required to start with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • May not buy Fan Factor
  • $2 million in starting budget
  • 11 picks in the upcoming draft (3 are Expansion Draft Picks)

Gm’s may change teams and start over after at least 2 consecutive seasons with current team. The new team must have a new name, collation and history. The gm will not be allowed to change teams again for another 2 seasons and may not change back to the prior collation he played before. When changing teams no gold, rr’s, apo, players, bank account or any prior connection with the former team will carry over. Teams will start with 2 million gold (any sanctions the team received prior to a change will be applied to the new team). A new team under a former gm of another team my still receive all  “new gm/coach” incentives.


Taking Over An Old Franchise (Not a franchise of your own)

Wondering GM’s may find themselves out of work and without a franchise to run.  In some cases owners may decide to sell their franchise off to these wondering GM’s.  These teams can be bought and relaunched under the new GM for $250,000 gold.  These teams are handed over with all rights to the team and all the assets.  Players are released from the team as they do not have a contract with the GM.  If the GM decides to reuse the current stadium enhancement a $50,000 cleaning service will be paid.  For purpose of the draft they are classified as a returning team and fallow the returning teams draft rules.

Returning Team

is a   These teams keep all finances that they had prior to sitting out.  Returning teams

A returning team is defined as a team that has played in a prior season of Blitz but not in the latest season that was played in Blitz!  Returning teams are required to start with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • Pay a $50,000 Franchise re-launching fee prior to the season.
  • Pay a $50,000 Stadium Enhancement upkeep fee to use last stadium enhancement
  • May not buy Fan Factor
  • Start with their current budget
  • 11 picks in the upcoming draft (3 are Expansion Draft Picks)

Note: These teams keep and may use all prior purchases Eg apo’s, rr’s, stadium level, enhancements so on.  The team is free to sign with whatever sponsor they chose but do not keep their perks from their sponsor from prior seasons.


Current Franchises

Current Franchises are defined as teams that have played in a prior Blitz! league season.  At the end of the season/playoffs teams may only keep up to 5 players on their roster. All players other then these 5 players are sent to the free agent market to prepare for the draft and go for the oh mighty gold! Any players that were placed on IR see the doctor before these drops (players must be placed on injure reserve before week 7). A team may keep 1 of the 3 players on long term IR after seeing doctor. This player must sit out next season and take 1 of the next seasons IR spots but do not take up 1 of the 5 spots for keeping players (see the IR rules for more information) . Current Franchises are required to start each new Season with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • 6 picks in the upcoming draft
  • Fan Factor is always reset to 0 each season

Note: Current or Returning teams pay for re rolls, apo, cheerleaders and such as they would in game as a continuing in game mechanics. Once paid for they own unless they drop from the team.

Annual Team Budget

A teams annual budget will be allocated to each team at the end of the season during Off-Season Week. See Team Revenue for more details on team finances.

New Coach Incentive Program

The following is available to coaches who have never played in the Blitz League before (or are starting a new franchise).

For each achievement they complete they get the corresponding reward, which is paid at the end of their first season.

  • Drafting your 1st player
    • $20,000
  • Publishing your first match report / article
    • $40,000
    • Articles subject to revision, editing and requirements
    • Must be on a Blitz League game.
  • Signing your first sponsor
    • $20,000
  • Win 3 games in your inaugural season
    • Free Stadium Upgrade
  • Finish playing a game in the Ranch
    • $20,000
  • Create a Scouting Report via the Players Union
    • $20,000

Article VI – Draft

Its never been a secret that one of the main holy grails in Blitz was to make the draft one of the most important things in the off season. Finally we think we have come up with a solution what is fair, challenging and makes the draft more exciting going forward. It will also make trading players and draft picks and even the auction before the draft even more important.  You can only buy players from Free Agency through the  draft. You can no longer sign players from the free agency AFTER the DRAFT. Only players available after the draft to sign are Rookie lineman/linewomen from your unions. It is a simple change but a very effective one what we hope will bring a lot more value to draft picks and make the draft more challenging and exciting. From now on if you don’t sign that good player in the draft then tough luck you miss out. We noticed a lot of people selling there picks and then after the draft picking up what they need with very little competition. This made the draft less exciting and also meant we had to slow down on creating players because this encouraged that tactic. Hopefully going forward this will make the Blitz draft experience a lot more fun and exciting.

Each season, the order is based on the fallowing break down.

Draft order— The lowest seeded team from each play pool are randomly seated 1-4 depending on number of play pools(plus ties). Teams that leave at the end of the season are not replaced by the next lowest team.  All other non playoff teams are seated randomly after that. New teams or returning franchises are put in the with the rest of the non playoff teams.  This “random” is done by adding the teams total points from the season prior and adding a D6 roll to it.  All ties are determined by ether lower seasonal points gets the better pick or a coin flip. New teams and returning teams have 0 points plus the D6 roll. Playoff teams get seated in the draft based on when they were eliminated from playoffs, with the lower ranked team going before the higher ranked team. Ending with the runner up and then the Champ.

Note:  If there is any ties for the bottom spot in a play pool that can’t be decided by the head to head match up, then both teams are placed in the random draw for the top spots.

The Draft Order—The Draft Order is a simple 1-32, 1-32 etc. order (or whatever the number of teams is for the season).  There will be 6 rounds for all teams partaking in the draft and 2 more rounds (total of 8 rounds) for new or returning franchises (see above for definitions).

  • Champion: Final 1st round pick
  • Runner-Up: Second to last 1st round pick
  • Playoff Teams: third through eighth to last 1st round pick
  • Non-Playoff Teams: remaining 1st round picks

Number of Draft Picks

  • New teams will receive 11 draft picks (3 of these picks will be in the expansion draft)
  • Returning Teams will receive 11 draft picks (3 of these picks will be in the expansion draft)
  • Current teams will receive 6 draft picks (not counting compensatory picks)




Players who coaches retain on their roster for another season are given a SPP signing bonus:

  • Level 1 = 5SPP
  • Level 2 = 4SPP
  • Level 3 = 3SPP
  • Level 4 = 2SPP
  • Level 5 = 2SPP
  • Level 6 = 2SPP
  • Level 7 = 2SPP

If this SPP signing bonus is enough to level the player, the coach pays the new level salary, levels the player to the next level, and gets to choose the skill.

  • A Player Union rep will make the appropriate roll for levelling up your player and let you know the result so you can pick the appropriate skill.

Players will start the season with a 0 SPP total regardless, however their cumulative SPP will be tracked by the Players Union. This total is added to the earned SPP during a season and any signing bonus SPP at the end of the season to determine the players total SPP.

  • Player contract cost = The level the player is at, after all earned and signing bonus SPP (SPP from all sources) is totalled.


Participating Team Franchises:

  • New Teams
    • 3 draft picks
  • Returning Teams (only teams that did NOT participate in the prior season and have no active players on their roster)
    • 3 draft picks

Expansion Draft Order:

  • Is seeded at random 1,2,3-32 then repeat the order.

Expansion Draft Date:

  • The Expansion Draft will occur at least 48 hours prior to the normal draft

Expansion draft picks can not be sold or traded.

4. Rookie Positional Players

Rookie positional players (none 0-16) can only be added to the team in the draft.  During the draft if you wish a rookie positional player you ask for a positional pick.  Positional rookies may not be added during the season.


  • New teams receive 11 draft picks. 3 of them will be taken in the Expansion Draft with the remaining 8 taken in the normal draft.
  • Returning teams only receive 11 draft picks, 3 of them will be taken in the Expansion Draft with the remaining 8 in the normal draft.
  • Current teams receive 6 draft picks to go with their 5 kept players
  • Both New & Returning & Current teams can purchase additional draft picks from other franchises(through trades or other options given from your blitz agents)– these purchased picks are for the normal draft only (unless noted through specials rules).

Article VII – Trades

For a trade to be granted it must be accepted TROUGH A PLAYERS UNION AGENT no later than 24 hours before the trade is to take place. This gives all teams 24 hours to review the trade (any trades agreed upon before registration week is finished will be posted after).

Once accepted through a Player Union Agent, a trade cannot be withdrawn by one party for any reason. The only way a trade can be voided is if it is withdrawn by both parties before the trade is granted.

Teams not returning for the next season can not trade players.  Their players are updated then released to the free agent market.

Veto Votes:
During the 24 hour trade acceptance period, all owners (except those involved in the trade) will be given the opportunity to veto the trade. However, those owners who choose to veto the trade must make a valid case to the commissioner for why the trade should not be granted via (DM).

There are only 2 valid reasons which a trade can be vetoed:

  1. If the players involved in the trade are not of comparable value. Value must take into consideration the positions involved and the specific needs of each team.
  2. If both teams aren’t improved by the trade.

If a plurality of the valid votes cast are against the trade, the trade will not be granted. A tie will result in the trade being granted.

Trading Draft Picks:

Teams are allowed to trade picks to other coaches as a single sale or as part of a bundled transaction. Value of draft picks is negotiated between parties and falls under the same process for trading players above.

Minimum Pick Values:
Expansion (1 max per new teams) pick 150k, 1st round pick 80k, 2nd round pick 60k, 3rd round pick 40k, 4th round pick 30k, 5th round pick 20k, 6th round pick and on 10k.

NOTE: All trades are posted in the TRADE channel on discord.  Each GM is given a chance to vote on this trade in a fair non bias way.  At any time the Blitz board can turn down a trade if we feel it is lop side, unfair or not in good faith.  We ask all GM’s to put a vote.  Teams can trade as they wish and all trades will be uphold (if a team leaves the board will still honour the trade for Eg)

Trading Players:

Current teams may trade players or for players (once the trading window opens) past their kept 5.  During the window of end of season till the drop phase (see timeline) teams may trade players, picks, gold etc.  Once the drop phase (see timeline) has happened teams declare their (max of 5) players they are keeping and up to a max of 3 players traded for.  After the draft teams may drop players as they need to fit the teams play style after the draft.  A player that was traded for at any point may not be traded back to its traded from team for at least one season.

Note: teams that trade for a player for say a pick and gold, pay this to the team trading with.  When the player reports to the team before the start of season the team that owns his rights pay his wages for the season. Eg Coach A trades player A for a second round pick and 50,000 gold (players cost is 200k).  The team that acquired the player pays the 50k gold and the 2nd round pick plus at the audit phase (see timeline) pays the players 200k gold for playing for the season.

The Auctioneer:

The auctioneer has come to Blitz to add another level of excitement and ways for teams to sell or pick up picks.  In the past Expansion picks couldn’t be sold or traded, well that was till now!  The auctioneer is here to help the new get some gold and the old maybe scooping up a mighty pick to help the franchise.  The auctioneer will ask for all picks wanting to be auctioned (after the draft order is fully released).  Once all picks are in they will be posted for 1 week.  Gm’s are free to make a bid (bidder wont be shown only the amount bid).  At the end of the week period the highest bid will get the pick(s).

Article VIII – Free Agent Market

Signing Players

For a free agent to be picked up by a team, the request must be accepted THROUGH A PLAYERS UNION AGENT. The Free Agent Market is a free enterprise available to all teams. As long as a team can afford to sign a player, has the available slot on their roster and is approved they may pick up a player from the Free Agent Market at any time for teams who have at least one game left in their season (including post-season).  Only rookie lineman/linewemon can be signed after the draft and durning the season.  level 2+ players or rookie positionals must be drafted during the draft.

Releasing Players

If a team wishes to release a player they must notify a Player Union Agent of their intent. Once approved the team may release the player from their team (fire), and the Player Union Agent will place the player in the Free Agent Market as available to other coaches for purchase. Players may be released from a team at any team (with the exception of Registration Week and prior to the draft during Draft week).  The coach must send a screen shot of the player to a Player Union Agent before deleting player from the team (so they can track stats).  If a player is deleted without a screen shot a 50,000 gold sanction will be given to the team.  Players other then the 4 players kept at the drop phase (see timeline) can still be dropped prior to the audit phase (see timeline) to help teams fit the look of the team with players after the draft.

Signing Journeymen

Coaches are allowed to sign a journeymen player to their team after any match (including week 7 and post season) that they used a journeyman. A Free Agent ticket must be submitted to the Players Union by the end of the play week for the signed journeyman to avoid unauthorized rostered players. Teams with unauthorized players are subject to sanction.

Scouting Reports

Each GM gets a max of 3 scouting reports they may enter per off season. These scouted players will come from your own ranch team or from another coach’s team if you have their permission. This permission may take the form of a trade or agreement. All entries are up to your Blitz Official to make as they see fit to keep Free Agent market balance.

Article IX – Player Health

Injured Reserve

After the first game of a season, a team can place up to 3 players on the Injured Reserve (“IR”) in a given season. Players cannot be placed on the Injured Reserve after the teams final game of the season. A player placed on the IR is immediately removed from the team roster in game (must send screen shot of player to a BUA before released from team). This player is retained by the team (the team did pay their full salary at the beginning of the season). A player on the IR will see the doctor at the end of the season with a +1 to the roll.

If the player is cured of all their injuries, the team can:

  • Return the player to their active team roster for the full salary price (IR players are NOT eligible for a signing bonus but retain all SPP gained up until being placed on the IR) and keep as 1 of their returning players
  • Drop the player to Free Agency

If the player is not cured of all their injuries, the team can:

  • Retain player (1 max) on Long Term IR for 1/2 of their normal salary for another season.  Any player on long term IR will receive a +2 on their next doctor roll
  • Return the player to their active team roster for the full salary price (IR players are NOT eligible for a signing bonus but retain all SPP gained up until being placed on the IR) taking 1 of the teams returning player spots
  • Drop the player to Free Agency

After the players on IR have seen the doctor the team may keep 1 player on long term IR.  This player does not take 1 of the 5 spots for retaining players at the end of the season.  Any other players that are on IR must ether be released or retained with 1 of the 5 retaining slots for the team.  A player that stays on Long Term IR gets a +2 to their roll next time they see the doctor.  All Injuries are seen by the doctor.

Note:  A player may be placed on Long Term IR at anytime.  If a player is placed on LTIR after week 6 of the season or during the playoffs, the team must committed to keeping the player and paying the 1/2 salary for the fallowing season.  If the player was put on LTIR after week 6 they will not see the doctor till the end of the fallowing season.

Doctor Visits

Players on the Injured Reserve (or those teams who have access to the doctor via perks, etc) are seen by the doctor at the end of the season before any players must be released form the team.

Roll Result

  1. Retire – The injury shows no signs of healing and the player retires at the doctors suggestion
  2. Surgery – Surgery is performed and the player takes a season to recover.  Player can go on long term IR or returns to the free agent list next season with a +2 on their next doctor visit (surgery players on long term IR cost half of their salary)
  3. Unchanged – Injury is unchanged
  4. Unchanged – Niggles are healed
  5. Miracle! Player fully recovers from all injuries
  6. Miracle! Player fully recovers from all injuries

NOTE:  If a player goes for surgery from your team, whether it was a player placed on IR or a player sent to be seen by the doctor through a sponsor. This player may be put in long term IR even if he was never placed on IR before the visit.  The player takes your only falls under the “long term IR” rules or released to the free agent list where they will still be sent for surgery.

Multiple Injuries

Players will multiple injuries will have each injury address separately.

Niggling Injuries

See above

Injured Players in the Free Agent Market

Each season players get hurt and released from their teams.  Injuries take their toll on players and without the proper medicine players decide to retire.  In the table below is the fallowing chat (dice rolls) that injured players roll for each season on the market.

  • 1 season on the market need a 2+
  • 2 seasons on the market need a 3+
  • 3 seasons on the market need a 4+
  • 4 seasons on the market need a 5+
  • 6 seasons on the market need a 6+
  • 7 seasons on the market they retire

If the player fails the roll they come to the senses that the injury is to much and call it a career.

Players left in the Free Agent Market

Players that are left undrafted for season after season become to feel the heat that they don’t cut it to play for teams in Blitz.  Sadly after each season many decided to call it a career and head home to make a life outside of blood bowl for them selves.  To show this, in the chart below shows the roll for players left undrafted over the seasons in Blitz

  • 2 seasons not drafted 2+
  • 3 seasons not drafted 3+
  • 4 seasons not drafted 4+
  • 5 seasons not drafted 5+
  • 6 seasons not drafted 6+
  • 7 seasons not drafted they retire

If the player fails the roll they come to the senses that the just don’t have what it takes much and call it a career.


Article X – Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline for each season will be the start of Championship Week (end of regular season). All trades and free agent transactions must take place prior to the start this date. Any requests for trades or free agent acquisitions will be denied after the Trade Deadline.  Playoff teams may still acquire rookie lineman up to the championship game (if they have in game gold).

Coaches may still release players after the Trade Deadline using the criteria set forth in Article VIII.

Article XI – Sponsors

Teams are NOT allowed to select a sponsor In-Game unless they are officially sponsored by that sponsor on the MML: Blitz! website.

Teams are allowed to be sponsored by one sponsor at a time. Any coach wishing to have their team sponsored will need to meet all Signing Requirements for that particular sponsor, as well as any other applicable criteria.

Each individual sponsor dictates their own signing requirements. Sponsors will award a payout at the end of the season to a team who does not breach their contract.

A breach of contract is constituted by not meeting the signing criteria as specified for that particular sponsor. All criteria is by end of season (regular season), unless specified by the sponsor.

Teams can only gain sponsors during Sponsor Week.

Article XII – Sanctions

The MML Blitz! League retains the authority to levy sanctions against any coach or team for infractions of the stated rules, fair play, good sportsmanship or any manor it deems to be counter to the spirit of the Blitz! League.

Sanctions include (but are not limited to and the Blitz Board has the right to sanction teams if they feel it is needed)-

  • If a game is managed (loss or tie) by the Blitz board a $50,000 sanction will be applied to both teams unless its managed as a win then the winning team will not be sanctioned.
  • At the start of the season if a team is over budget they will be sanctioned $50,000 and must get under budget immediately.  The sanction will be applied after the team is under budget and must pay their sanction before paying for any other thing in game.  If the team holds up the start of the season they will be issued a $100,000 sanction per day until they are.
  • If a team over drafts their positional numbers for a type of player or over the 16 max number of players allowed on the team a $50,000 sanction will be applied and removal of the last drafted player from their roster and may not able to pick that player up in the free agent market after the draft.
  • If a team takes an inducement they are not allowed to take they will sanctioned $100,000 and may not us that inducement during the game.
  • If a trade is not honoured by a team a $150,000 sanction will be applied and the Blitz board will complete the trade as agreed too
  • If a team adds anything to their roster with out a ticket a sanction of the value of the added roster move will be applied and removal of that item from the team. eg loner bought at $40,000 sanction would be $40,000
  • If a team does not send their screen shots and or a ticket for a bank deposit will have that money lost to the team and may receive a $50,000 sanction (upon boards review)
  • If a coach is found to have broken the DBAD a yellow card and a $200,000 fine will be assed to the team.  If a coach is found to have broken a second offence of DBAD  a red card is issued and a $500,000 fine will be issued to the team and also the team will be removed from the league for the rest of the season. (if you don’t know what this is ASK)
  • Teams caught with more then 2 pilling on or more then 1 MV10 player on the roster will be sanctioned 200k and player removed from the team

The minimum sanction is $50,000.

The maximum sanction is $2,000,000 suspension and/or expulsion from the League.

Any team that is suspended or expelled from the League forfeits all claim to reward monies for that season.

Coaches are NOT allowed to make any movements (acquire players, even journeymen, etc) if they carry any sort of debit balance in their League account.

Article XIII – Celebrity Players

Celebrities Bring Additional Perks To Teams

Each celebrity in the draft comes with their own overhead, marketing team and expenses – these things are not a downside, but a draw for prospective teams to look at signing one of the celebrities. Each celebrity comes with their own perk that the team will enjoy while they are on the teams roster.  When a celebrity is acquired and paid their salary, the acquiring team will roll a dice on the following table to determine what perk their celebrity comes with. Perks last for one season and are re-rolled each time a celebrities contract is acquired/renewed.  A Team may only ever have one Celebrity player on its roster at any given time. Celebrities don’t like to share the fame and spotlight with other celebrities.

Celebrity Perks

  1. Cheerleaders: The team acquires two cheerleaders. The team must maintain them for one season. If the team already has Max cheerleaders, then the team instead is awarded $20,000 at the end of the season.
  2. Adoring Fans: The team receives +3 Fan Factor at the beginning of the season
  3. Cheapskate: The Celebrity draws all the attention and everyone wants to just be on the team. Roster player salaries level 3 and below cost -$5,000 less each.
  4. Groupie: This Celebrity comes with a groupie. Team gets a free level 1 lineman of their choice. This player cannot be fired, but may be released if the celebrity leaves the team.
  5. Show Me the Money: The Celebrity brings in huge crowds. The team receives an extra $5,000 per game, deposited into their bank account at the end of the season.
  6. Coaching: The team acquires two assistant coaches. The team must maintain them for one season. If the team already has Max assistant coaches, then the team instead is awarded $20,000 at the end of the season.
  7. Draft: The team receives one additional draft pick for the next seasons draft. Draft pick is added to the end of the draft order once the order has been published.
  8. Healthy: The celebrity is concerned about health. A full health insurance policy is assigned to the Celebrity.

Article XVI – MML Rules & Regulations


Any coach using any means by which to cheat, dupe or otherwise circumvent the Rules & Regulations of the League or the Blood Bowl 2 game will undergo investigation that may result in suspension or release from the League. All coaches are expected to uphold a general air and atmosphere or good sportsmanship at all times. Attempts to throw games, or otherwise play in such a manner as could be construed as not offering a fair or balanced game are also considered counter to fair play.


Coaches are not allowed to concede matches without the express consent of the Commissioner. Conceding matches is not in the spirit of the MML Blitz nor of good sportsmanship. Events transpire outside of and during game that may require a team to concede a match. If this is the case, all effort must be taken to notify the League office of the matter so that it can be recorded appropriately. Without notification, the League will consider any concede in poor taste.


Teams who concede or have a League Managed Match (loss) will have the highest player with the most SPP subject to leaving the team. In the case of two players, having the same amount of SPP, then the coach may choose which is subject to the rule.

  • The League will roll a d6.
    • On a result of 1-3 the player stays.
    • On a result of 4-6:
      • The player will leave the team and must be released to the Free Agent pool before the next play week OR
      • The Team will pay an amount equal to the players salary + 50% (rounded up)
  • Failure to comply will result in loss of 10 standings points for the current season, and may result in removal from the League.

The League reserves the right to force a result in certain circumstances:

  • If a game fails to take place because one team no-shows the match and the coach cannot be contacted to reschedule:
    • No-show will lose to show.
  • If neither team shows, and neither team can be contacted to reschedule or if both teams agree to have the League manage the entire match because they cannot play the game in the allotted time:
    • The match is managed as a Draw.

The League will work with all coaches to make every effort to schedule and play matches. Communication is the key, and the League is committed to making all matches happen in a favorable manor. If however, a coach cannot be contacted or refuses to play a match, the League will automatically manage the match as a win to the opposing team. The League will not utilize forced concedes.

The best way to avoid League Managed Matches is communication. Coaches are supplied with opposing coaches contact information as well as a forum and other means to communicate and set up matches. The League will also step in and help make matches happen if requested. The League will only manage a match after ALL attempts have been made to reconcile the match to a different time, etc.

  • Teams with two League Managed Matches will be removed from the  League and required to sit out the remainder of the season. They may register for the League in subsequent seasons as a New Team (even if the same team is returning).


Each Coach is committed to playing at least one game in the allotted time frame. In most Seasons a game week is equal to a real week. This means coaches have a week in which to contact the opposing coach and schedule a time to play their match. Deadlines for match completion will be Midnight CST (Central Standard Time) each Sunday of the week. Games not played by this time will fall under the above League Managed Matches rules.

All teams are guaranteed at least seven games in a full season. Some teams may end up playing additional games if they become post season eligible.


Coaches are only allowed to use the following inducements (unless otherwise indicated):

  • Bloodweiser Babes
  • Bribe
  • Extra Team Training
  • Halfing Master Chef
  • Apothecary


Teams are assigned to a Conference for the length of their tenure in the Blitz league. There are four total conferences:

  • US – North
  • US – South
  • World – North
  • World – South

There will be two total play pools each play season. One for the US conferences combined, and one for the World conferences combined.

Teams will play a 7 game season against other teams in their play pool. The game will randomly decide the pairings and fixtures – this means that teams may or may not play games against their conference mates season after season.


The MML Blitz does not use the in-game standing system to determine the standing of each team (though the in-game may mirror the MML Blitz standings at times). Instead all MML standings are tracked through the website. Match results and statistics are recorded on the website after each match and/or the end of each play week – with standings posted at the beginning of each week.

A detailed explanation of the MML Standings can be found here.

The standing of a team is relative to their total points earned through MML Blitz League play. The point system is as follows:

  • A Win awards 3 points.
  • A Tie awards 1 point.

See below for an explanation of MML conference standings and an outline of tie-breaking procedures used when teams are tied in total points.


Blitz is divided into two divisions (US & World), each containing two conferences (North & South).


If two or more teams are tied in total points, the tie is broken using the following criteria, in order:

  • Most wins
  • Head-to-Head (best W-L-D record between clubs)
  • Playpool Standings
  • Coin Toss (2 Teams) or Drawing of Lots (3 or more)

Article XV – Permission of Use

Each participating Coach acknowledges and agrees to allow the League to utilize their teams name, likeness and aspect for promotion of and discussion by the League. Each coach also agrees to allow their Gamer Tag to be identified and used for promotion of and discussion by the League. Each coach additionally agrees to allow their name and email to be published to other coaches in the League for the purposes of arranging matches and communication. This information will be published in a secure page that is behind a user login controlled by special permissions set by the League to ensure proper but secure visibility. No personally identifiable information of any coach will be shared with any third parties or outside the League for any reason at any time.

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