There once was an ugly Black Orc

It was the first training session of the season for the Timberwolves, cobwebs needed dusting, guns needed pumping and claws were to be sharpened. Coach Berzo was on the sidelines shouting orders when out of nowhere a ball came crashing through the wooden gates of the stadium smashing straight into the star mino Dark Horns, knocking him clean off his feet. Where the hell had that come from, surely it was fired from a gun. When the splinters settled and Dark horns managed to get up a solitary figure stood at the gates. From where Berzo was standing all he could see was something huge, green and looked like it was on steroids. The figure started walking towards him and the ground shook with every step he took and as he approached the figure got bigger and bigger. Berzo could see the sheer size of this creature now which turned out to be a Black orc. Clearly noticeable tho was that he had spent far much more time lifting weights with one arm as his right was conciderably larger than the left.

There was a moment of silence until a grunt came from the new visitor “me Da Rightz” “me play bloodbowlz”

Berzo took the new player to the office and told everyone else to get back to training.

What transpired in the next hour was that this Black orc was the one that threw the ball, he had been raised by elves, trained by elves and then ended up eating elves which is how he found himself at the Timberwolves stadium as he heard we regularly serve elves on the half time menu.

“You have given Dark horns an agility problem by just hitting him with a ball” “I cant wait to see what you can do with your fists” said Berzo as he rushed to get the signing on papers.

Soon enough it was done, a new thrower by the name of Da Rightz had joined the Timberwolves.

Will this ugly duckling become a Swan……. Wait and see 💪

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