Zapped in the Lab

Franken, the little goblin, bowled through the door asking, ‘‘Whaz youz doin downz here in zi dungeon?” Franken careened through the door without paying the slightest heed to the darkened stairwell – tripping up on a loose stone only for him to fall head over heel down the stairs landing in a heap at the foot of a slightly bemused cloaked figure. 


For a goblin he was clumsy and around the equipment it made Ganon the Black slightly nervous. But then again who else could he get for a few table scraps to handle some downright noxious, and if truth be told, highly dangerous chems to mix up his latest concoctions. 


“What have I told you, you stupid little oaf – watch what you’re doing in my lab, I don’t need you setting off a potion I’m working on by accident. If you do, there will be hell to pay!”


Ganon had been working for years to perfect a serum that would toughen up Orcs and make their skin impervious to those deadly and accurate elven arrows that were tipped with mos fungus found deep within Fangorn forest.


Ganon was close to a breakthrough – he seemed to have the right ingredients, but just not quite in the right quantities. 


“Franken wheel that vat of blue liquid over – and be careful it’s volatile.”

“Ya, Yez, cumin rightz up bozz” Franken was not one for taking much care over his surroundings. The crazy little gobbo gave the vat too much of a shove and found it rolling out of control crashing into the lab bench full of test tubes containing the weirdest things… clatter, bang as the once tidy bench spilled it’s contents straight onto the floor mixing with the blue stuff swilling out of the knocked over vat.


At the sound of the almighty noise Ganon spun round from his potion cabinet at the noise, set to curse the little gobbo, but only ended up slipping on the slimy blue substance… upended, his wizard staff fell from his grip and a bolt shot out of it bouncing round the lab before hitting Franken in the backside, who by now was covered in the gloop!


“Yowz!” Franken cried out!


It didn’t take long, Franken started to transform right before Ganon’s eyes. Franken let out a deep and guttural roar as he turned a darker shade of green, veins on the side of his head bulging and his muscles popped and ripped what little rags he had on to pieces.

“What have I done?!” 

Ganon stared at Franken in shocked disbelief. It appeared his work had paid off, but he had no idea how. Before he knew it Franken had bounded out of the dungeon but not before giving Ganon the most mighty blow knocking him clean out. It didn’t take long for the news of the transformational zapping to reach the earz of the chief orc coach of the local blood bowl team.

Dubbed Franken Zappa, this gobbo slightly taller, and stronger after the lab accident was shoved on the line of scrimmage to deliver his mighty blow to the unsuspecting opposition.

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