Wombats Baby

Whats this new team this season?  Wombats from London?  Wombats are not scary, tough, or even ugly.  They are cute and cuddly and soft.  London Wombats they say….. thats not blood bowl worthy thats just a zoo or even a carny show.
Well let me tell you all these Wombats are none of the above.  We demand respect.  We may have goblins and knoblers but let me tell you these lizards and orcs and ogres can sure make a mess of your greatest plans.  Wombats may be cute but give us a kick or a punch in the chest and watch as are eyes turn red!!!
Season 13 is the season we come, the season to prove we are not cute.  The draft kicked off and with it came core of the future.  The mighty Croxed saurus, ready for all who comes in his path.  His strong fists and tree like legs make him a worry for players carrying the ball.  Then comes the Brothers of the mighty Orcs lords of Grensell.  Gangrene and Vorkir the mighty strong and frenzy canny blitzers.  These two hate hitting people and they don’t go down and most times end up with a second punch to their foes.  They always play hard and leave it all on the pitch.  Wheres theres one theres always the other!!!!   Most try and take one out but that just makes the other more angry and leads to crazy, over the top, insane antics by the other.  This brings us to the future greatest passer in Blitz, the crazy arm hot stepping Dingo Sap.  This orc takes the passing game to a whole new level.  He often can be heard yelling “you want this ball, cant have it” or “man you almost had my leg to bad your slower then a zombie”.  He’s been brought in to control the ball and play of the game.  The ball is safe in his hands and he has no hesitation to let it fly when the time is right.  Balls down, passes up!!  This finally brings us to the final player the future core of this team.  Go Faster Blue the lightning fast and slimy skink!  Rumour has it the Wombats didn’t even draft him he just slipped past the gates when they open after the draft and stood on the pitch stealing the ball and zooming down the pitch.  Teams tried all seasons to grab, stab, punch and even stomp this crazy little skink but to no avail.   He stood tall and ran even faster by seasons end.   This little fella has been working hard with Dingo Sap on catching passes as the wiz by.
Season 13 has ended and it was a great learning season for the wombats in what Blitz is all about.  Season 14 is around the corner and these Wombats are ready to add those missing players and take on the rest of Blitz to prove they are more claw and bit then cute and cuddly!!

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