The Ranch

MML Blitz is pleased to announce The Ranch! The Ranch is a Mixed-Team open ladder competition available to MML coaches. The Ranch will allow MML coaches to enter Mixed-Teams into the competition and play matches against other coaches 24/7.

Ranch Rules:

  • Open to New Mixed-Teams only (no custom teams)
  • Naming Conventions Enforced:
    • Teams: [Location] [Mascot]
      • Example: London Newsies, Dallas Stampede, Mordhiem Fish Mongers, etc
    • Players: All players must have a name that is indicative of that player. No innuendo allowed, no prior/current MML players allowed, no game generated player names allowed.
  • No blind spinning
  • Rules for Inducements follow Blitz League Rules

Blitz Rules:

  • Players of the Ranch can declare draft eligibility at anytime and be available for the next draft.
    • Coaches should enter a Players Union Ticket.
    • A Players Union Rep will contact the coach to have the player dropped and add that player to the Free Agent pool.
  • Agreement to use likeness
    • All coaches who enter a team into the Ranch agree to allow their players to be drafted into the Free Agent pool at the Leagues discretion if their team leaves the MML and or the Ranch for any reason other than to join Blitz or another MML competition.
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