The End Is Near, The Dark Power Rises And PSST That Aint Ted, Teds Dead…

Bernie rocked back in his chair looking straight at the Blitz Trophy. Everything was great, life was great, a championship medal, wild nights out with his best mate Dodge Viper and a decent amount of money to try and do what no other team has done win back to back Blitz titles.  Just then his office door swung open and in walked Mad Frankie Fraser one of the most feared killers ever to grace the MML circuit. It is time Bernie we go to war now, I looked over at Gretzky Michaels and he nodded, your destiny takes you on another path now my friend I wish you well in your adventure. Bernie and Mad Frankie are close friends ever since Bernie signed him from Thunden to become his enforcer in the Plague Ridden Cowboys team.

Just then Dodge Viper rushed in and shouted TED BERRY IS BACK, what? that’s impossible we killed him we turned him into a zombie. I know Bernie that ain’t Ted Berry I know it and you know it but Jimmy Doesn’t but he doesn’t believe me. There is some secret force or power behind blitz these days and something powerful is pulling the strings behind the scenes. We know spoke Frankie and it is time for us to rid blitz of this evil. Don’t worry my pointy friend I have the list here of all the fake players pretending to be blitz players. The owners and coaches are blind and do not see it but don’t you worry the Cowboys have their number and it’s time to make these imposters stay dead.

Days passed and as a new dawn rises a rotter came in and said sorry to bother you boss but Iron Chin is here and wants to play for the Cowboys. But Iron Chins dead? just then Iron Chin crushed the rotters head between his huge hands, we cannot have you stopping us Bernie you must die!!! just then Gretzky Michaels flew threw the window glass flying everywhere and he launched himself at Iron Chin who swatted him to a side with ease. Dodge Viper leaped onto the back of iron chin driving daggers into the back. Iron Chin grabbed viper by his leg and slammed him to the ground repeatedly. Iron Chin looked straight at Bernie and grinned and then his head came clean off his shoulders and rolled down to the ground and thudded on the hard wooden floor. Mad Frankie Fraser stood where Iron Chin had been standing with blood dripping from his claws. He looked at Bernie and said we need to leave now! Bernie helped Viper up who was hobbling, you okay Viper? It is my knee again I think it’s gone. Bernie looked worried but Viper assured him that he could hide it from Jimmy just like he did when he was signed for mega-money. Don’t worry I will keep my eye on Ted Berry. Viper went on his way back to the Bullies and would bring us intel when he was at our home games as our mascot and keep us updated. Gretzky went on the search looking for a new Coach for the Necro Police and myself and Frankie went to our new Dallas Headquarters to meet the gang.

As we entered Dallas the sun had started to rise and I looked over to Frankie and said you fancy playing some bloodbowl? he grinned and said I thought you would ever ask, lets get to work.

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