Lino Palooza (S15 Fluff)

The rumors started swirling of unrest in the NAF players association (NAFPA) at the end of the most recent season of Blitz, its 14th season, and persisted throughout the playoffs and tensions appear to have finally boiled over once the championships game was completed on Monday February 21st.  This apparently all came to a head at the official after party celebrating the Necro Police’s championship win when one faction within the NAFPA, representing the lineman group, was seen having a heated back and forth discussion with Blitz President Beerz with both insults and threats being exchanged until it was broken up and cooler heads eventually prevailed.

At the heart of the matter is that the lineman as most people are aware do the dirty work for any blood bowl team from title contenders to league doormats.  They are the unsung heroes that absorb multiple hits during games, mark up dangerous kill pieces, and generally are put in harms way to protect the higher paid expensive stars of the team and do so for minimum salary and little recognition.  It’s a duty that the men that call themselves lineman take a solemn pride in and wear as a badge of honor.   However, in a league like Blitz with mixed race teams and much higher team values then most other leagues the skyrocketing death rate for this proud group of warriors has not gone unnoticed.  The friction between the NAFPA and Blitz has been building over this topic for multiple seasons with lineman being exposed to far more danger in the league while receiving the same pay and lack of recognition for those efforts.

As a result, there was a proposed strike that would have threatened the upcoming Blitz season so emergency meetings took place between Blitz President Beerz (with his intern flunky Dragoon by his side) and the NAFPA executive committee to avoid any potential work stoppage and a reported deal has been reached that will provide more spotlight and recognition for this group along with monetary incentives for franchises to look after their well-being.   The details of the program are as follows:

  • One eligible lineman from a franchise’s coalition will be selected at random to participate (this will be from the designated players that are eligible for journeyman status)
  • The selected participant will be a level 6 player and will have his skill set randomly selected to honor Nuffle:
    • They will receive one skill each from the four skill categories (mutations are excluded): general, agility, passing, and strength.
    • In addition to the four skills mentioned above they will also receive one random stat up
  • Teams whose Lino Palooza player survives to the end of the regular season will receive their choice of 50k in cash or 75k team services credit to be used towards whatever team services they choose for the following season
  • This is an extra player for each team and will NOT count against either the tax cap or the hard cap

Please put a L at the end of their name so we can see them easier!!

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