League Notes S1.1

Greetings Blitz! fans! Below are some pretty drastic enhancements to the Blitz! league that we need to make everyone aware of.

Annual Budget / Cash Flow

  • A teams annual budget will be allocated to them at the end of each season.
  • No monies will be allocated to a team during the season from the League.
  • All in-season expenditures will come from in-game winnings.
  • All teams will start each season with zero in-game cash.
  • Teams are allowed to deposit winnings into their Blitz! bank account so that it is available to them at the end of the season.
    • Deposited monies are gone until the end of the season, but no longer count towards team TV bloat.
    • See Player Union Rep if you wish to deposit monies.

Free Agents

  • Coaches are no longer able to pick up a Free Agent from the Free Agent market during the season.
  • Coaches can now sign any player/position they have access to purchase in-game to their roster during the season.
    • All player acquisitions must be prior approved through the Players Union – submit a Free Agent Ticket.
  • Coach may hire Journey Men that play for them after the match
    • These acquisitions must be reported to the Players Union – submit a Free Agent Ticket.


  • Coaches are no longer allowed to trade players during the season.

Returning Franchise Teams

  • In order to participate fully in the draft and off-season trading and market activities, each team will be recreated from scratch.
  • Teams will be be made exactly as the prior season team; name, stadium level, etc.
    • Expanding your team (additional staff, cheerleaders, re-rolls etc. is allowed as normal in the off-season)
  • This means all players will lose their gained SPP towards the next level (including retained players).

Signing Bonuses

  • Players who coaches retain on their roster for another season are given a SPP signing bonus:
    • Level 1 = 2SPP
    • Level 2 = 5SPP
    • Level 3 = 8SPP
    • Level 4 = 12SPP
    • Level 5 = 18SPP
    • Level 6 = 20SPP
  • If this SPP signing bonus is enough to level the player, the coach pays the current level salary, levels the player to the next level, and gets to choose the skill.
    • A Player Union rep will make the appropriate roll for leveling up your player and let you know the result so you can pick the appropriate skill.
  • Players will start the season with a 0 SPP total regardless, however their cumulative SPP will be tracked by the Players Union. This total is added to the earned SPP during a season and any signing bonus SPP at the end of the season to determine the players total SPP.
    • Earned SPP is calculated first, then signing SPP when determining when a player levels up and how much a players contract costs.


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