Ice Weasels Surpass Expectations

The Ice Weasels were brand new to this latest season of blitz. Coming from seemingly nowhere, few had even heard of the Northlands (except for the Norska who occupy the region) let alone of a competitive blood bowl team from the same.

Their first game in the blitz season was also the first for the Ice Weasels. It was filled with action and suspense. The very first block made by the team, which was also the first block made of the season took the life of an orc lineman from the Dunsford Do Lilly Taps. The game was hard fought on both sides and the Taps took the win with a last second touch down to finish the game. But even with their first game being a loss there was excitement in the air as the Ice Weasels were still praised for a hard fought game.

The following 2 games filled the Northlands with pride and even more excitement as they took down the Carcosa Taxmen 2-1. Then a shut out over the Drumphtopia Winners of 1-0. Going into week 4 the Weasels were feeling very good being 2-0-1.

A dark tide turned on week 4 however, when facing the Gulf Coast Chaos. A hard fought battle saw the Weasels with their second loss and fans watched the death of beloved player Sharp Claw. Coach Strange refused to make a statement after the game (and still refuses to speak about it) and fans were not happy.

Week 5 was no better than the week before with the Philly Tailgate Bullies out playing and out muscling the Weasels into a shut out of 1-0. Ending week 5 at 2-0-3. Fans and management were not happy. Many blaming Coach Strange for the death of Sharp Claw, and accusing management of making a bad choice with hiring him.

Few fans showed up for week 6 and those who didnt show were made a fool as the Weasels took a 2-1 victory over the Hanover Hangovers. Tying up their season at 3-0-3. But the victory was at a cost as Zander Greyhelm was injured and with Sharp Claws death the Weasels were short on the roster and would need  journey man to complete the final game of the season.

the Final game of the season was filled with turmoil as the game was rescheduled last minute and a riot broke out amongst tailgaters. 2 days later fans filled Glacier field to watch a spectacle from  an injured and downed Ice Weasels victory of 3-1 against the Port Reaver Outlanders. Kislev catcher Fudko scored all 3 points and was the star of the show. His contract negotiations for next season were immediately being drawn up before fans exited the stadium.

The Northland Ice Weasels ended their first season at 4-0-3. Coach Strange has secured his job as head coach. Even though they missed playoffs the Weasels ended with a winning record. Only one player died. In the Blitz league that is a win. Coach Strange has big plans for next season and there is even talks of a ranch team coming up. Could we see the Ice Weasels as one of the next up and coming teams? Possibly a Blitz championship one day? This reporter is happy to say its quite the possibility.

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