Hashut Howlers. Down, Down, Down but maybe not out?





So, the end of another season and coach was again sat in the crispy lizard drowning his sorrows. Quite the regular scene post-match day. So experimenting wasn’t the way forward. There were a few strong performances at times but now things were looking bleak to say the least.


Coach ordered a fourth ale. There had been only one thing for it when he dropped pretty much the  entire squad, a total new beginning. Coach decided to invest in the stadium, a new sponsor and now a new blue strip. A strip his youth Ranch team had been sporting which brought them some luck. The colours his Orc team Dem Teef Boyz also wore proudly.


The real decision was who coach kept on the Squad. Money, Hoofstomp and Mork were the only three who made the cut. Then there was the long conversation with Warboss Bagrud Longtoof of the Sour Sea coastline of the “restructuring” . The Warboss was a friend of the coach and offered his assistance. “Me boyz will join you fer de season. Da will take the punchez on da line, da will givvv a few punches, but yuuu haz to do sumfing fer me”. That was when coach was introduced to a young Orc Thrower by the name of Gnark. Unusually strong for an Orc of his build and he had such aggression and a want in his eye, it was hard to look away.

“Gnark is different” bellowed Bagrud, “We wants him on da teem or no Orcs fer yoo. Fink he will surpriz yer”


Money and Hoofstomp shared a concerned glare with the coach, not something you would normally see from a Bull, let alone two. They had lost all of their brothers for the season and had basically joined an Orc team. Mork stood by the coach, towering above him, his dark green skin glistening as the moonlight struck him through the window. “Weeev got dis boyz”

Coach took a swig “This will be a long, tough season, but its what we need to rebuild. Its up to you three to sort the new boys. Mork, your captain” Money couldn’t believe his ears but said nothing. He stormed out of the Crispy Lizard. Hoofstomp stared at the coach in disbelief, “It’s what’s needed to hold the new squad together Yohun, you need to talk to Money” He growled and left after Money, he knew Coach was right.


Coach exhaled loudly; a weight taken from his shoulders. Mork crashed into the chair next to him, a huge toothy grin, “We will getz frew boss, then we will be in gud shapz”


Fingers crossed thought Coach, fingers crossed.

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