Dragon Isle GM Introduces Players to New Stepmanager

DRAGON ISLE – Hoping to ease the team into a new period of transition, Dragon Isle Poacher’s general manager Rand the Mad took a moment Thursday to introduce his players to their new stepmanager. “Everyone, this is Dale. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of him from now on, and I want you make him feel nice and welcome,” said Rand of the new addition to the Blitz League club, explaining that the team may have noticed him hanging around recently and joining in on team dinners in the past weeks, and that he would now officially be a permanent fixture of the pitch. “We want to make him a part of the Poacher family. Just give him a chance, and you’ll see that he cares about you just as much as any other manager would—so I want you to give him all your attention and respect. We know you love your normal manager, but Dale cares about you, too. That means no sass and no pranks, got it?” At press time, the Poachers’ new stepmanager had been overheard referring to several players as “a bunch of little gits,” after they forgot to clean up the locker room after practice.

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