Blitz All Star Game

BLITZ ALL-STAR GAME (ASG) Head Coaches (HCs) are chosen according to highest-ranked regular-season record (highest-ranked US, highest-ranked Europe, but if highest-ranked World is higher than either of them, the lowest-ranked of the other 2 is bumped). If one of the 2 coaches cannot be reasonably available for scheduling, the honor goes to the next-ranked qualifying coach, and so on.

2 teams: US & Europe (or combination of two divisions). 16 players on each team. World Players distributed amongst both teams (3 dividions). Players will be chosen 1 from each team as per the head coach/Gm or a Blitz Offical. If there are less than 32 players from in game teams, additional players are chosen by the Blitz Officals. In typical fun Blitz fashion, each HC will automatically get the best player from US or Europe, but then they will draft the World All Stars to each team with highest-ranked coach picking first, then snake draft order (#1 Coach picks 1, then #2 Coach picks 2 & 3, then #1 Coach picks 4 & 5, and so on).

Once each team is solidified, head coaches will create a custom mixed-race team in game that best permits them to duplicate the statistics of the players chosen (of course there will be some discrepancies where no coalition exists that allows you to get all of your accurate stats or skills, but do your best as the Board has done with Blitz Star Players; you can use a different skin to represent a player if it allows his stats/skills to be more accurate; however, you can’t “upgrade” a player with the excuse that you had to use a race that gave him extra skills or stats; if you must use a different race to represent a player, and the stats/skills are off, they must be equal or worse than what the player usually has). Coaches may pick what # slot on their draft roster they assign to each of their 16 players, although they are encouraged to try to match as many of their players with their actual usual in-season roster #. Coaches may pick any sponsor for their team, but the stadium must be Level 4, named “Blitz All Star Stadium” (unless Board thinks of better name), and have the Magic Shop enhancement. Board can pick a particular stadium type (i.e. Naggarath) or leave it up to HCs. Fan Factor, Assistant Coaches, and Cheerleaders for each team should be maxed out. Each team should have 8 rerolls. Neither team should have an apothecary.
ASG has All-Star Apos on staff, so all players’ injuries going into the ASG are temporarily healed for the duration of the ASG, and any injuries incurred during ASG are automatically healed afterwards.
Match is scheduled at most convenient time for both HCs & Ref, while also trying to pick a time that is best to encourage participation from rest of the league, if reasonably possible. Match should be scheduled in advance and with enough reasonable notice to allow the rest of the league to make time to join in. However, we should not be holding matches up to accommodate the attendance of a particular individual(s) who is not an HC.

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