Be Different Season 13 Fluff

Blitz has always been a crazy fun over-the-top competition but in these trying times a lot of the more serious players took over the franchises at many of the clubs. That was until Da Rightz a Black Orc Thrower signed for the Timberwolves and stole everyone’s hearts.
More players have come out and showcased their talents what are opposite from the norm. Passing Mummies like Postman Of Death or the leaping Beast of Nurgle Rot Bomb. Over the run up to the draft more of these new superstars will fill the free agency under the banner Be Different and they will have 50% off their salary costs for season 13 to encourage GMS to give them a shot in the Blitz Limelight.
There will be monetary incentives for how well your Be Different players do. So the more you use them the more cash in theory your franchise will earn. If the player sadly dies or is fired for whatever reason they will lose all cash earned for your franchise. You must have at least one Be Different player. But you can have as many of these players as you like. Anyone who takes a full team of Be Different players could end up a very rich team the following season.
Season 13 gives you the opportunity to create some Be Different players and add them to the fluff of the new season. End of season awards will follow and if your creation wins an award. Then that will win your franchise something for the following season. You can have multiple creations and win multiple awards but there are rules and I will tell you them down below.
1/ The Positional must be created opposite to what they are known for. For instance, a Black Orc could be a Catcher Or Thrower as an Example. The More crazy or out of here they are the better.
2/Creations must be sent to me and u are not to make anyone else aware you have created this player as we do not want any unfair discrimination or influence for end-of-season awards. You may add a story/fluff to your creation and there will be awards for the best stories/fluff end of the season that could get you something very nice.
3/ Your creation is not allowed to be signed by your union if it is the piece will be rejected. so create players who cannot play for your union.
4/ Myself and the Board have the right to not accept your player into the Be Different Group if we decide it doesn’t fit the criteria. Our decision in this will be final.
5/ Anyone who takes a full team of being different players will get a roll-on, your the best table end of the season.


Here is a list of rewards for your players
Touchdown Scored 20k
Hat-Trick (3 TDS In One Game) 50k Bonus
Completed Pass 10k
Completed Catch 10k
Every KO Caused 5k
Every Injury Caused 10k
Every 100 Yards Running 10k
Every 100 Yards Passing 25k
Interceptions 25k
MVP 20k
Surf A Player 20k
All Money will be lost if the player is fired or killed before the end of the season.
Hall Of Fame
If a (be different player) after the end of the weekly rounds is on the podium they will receive an added bonus of the following 1st 100k 2nd 50k 3rd 25k) Most Experienced and most Matches played will not give out awards) (Remember they will be competing with all the serious players for spots on the hall of fame)
in any category, if there are two players on the same score the prize money will be divided by 2 if there are 4 players on the same score it will be divided 4 ways and so on.

As you can see these Be Different superstars can earn you a lot of money if you just give them a chance to show that being different isn’t a bad thing.


End of the season there will be an award ceremony where GMS and Coaches who have played this season get to vote on various awards. Here is just a few of the awards up for grabs.
Best Story 100k
Favorite Be Different Player 100k
Vote for the MVP Be Different Player Of The Season 50k
Best Named Be Different Player 50k
More categories will follow but this is just a taste of what to expect.


If any of your players you create get drafted you will get a reward for doing such a good job

Pay out is as follows

1 Created Player Drafted you receive 10k

2 Created Playes Drafted you Receive 20k

3 Created Players Drafted you Receive 30k

4 Created Players Drafted you Receive 40k

5 Plus Created Players Drafted you Receive 50k

The maximum payout is 50k

If any franchise just takes only Be Different players and nothing else they will get a roll on the Your The Best Table end of the season. For now, I will keep this secret and will only reveal it if we have a franchise brave enough to do this.

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