A Hopefull Return

The had been whispers of a coach coming back to the MML after a long disappearance. People were talking and they were not sure who it might be. No big press conference was scheduled so whoever it was wasn’t looking for a huge spotlight. Or maybe he was keeping a low profile for some other Nightmarish reason.

Proudstarr sat behind his new desk. The lighting set as he liked it so that he always sat back, the shadows hiding his face unless he sat forward over the desk. The Cabal Vision was on in the corner as he watched over games form the season finishing up and he scrolled through the possible draft reports. A loud knock made him look up towards the closed door.. “It’s open come on in” Proudstarr called out.. As the door opened the small goblin in the door looked in curiously at a sight he had seen before “Boss” .

Proudstarr grinned “Mr.Nigglesworth its a pleasure to have you back. Well if your willing to stay on that is?”  The goblin grinned with Glee as he jumped into the opposite chair “Boss you know ill help however I can.”  Proudstarr leaned forward into the light “That’s what i needed to hear.. We are gonna be moving into the Blitz League this season and here are the possible players i am looking at. Go over them and see what you think and get back to me. First season can be a tough one. Also i need you to get in touch with a Sponsor. We are gonna need the backup later for sure.”

The Goblin looked confused ” Boss these are a lot of different races. What kind of team are we fielding?”   Proudstarr chuckled at the comment ” Blitz does Coalition teams.. I believe ours is called Violence Together.. So that should put that brain to work.. We choose from Orc, Lizardmen, Goblins and Ogres. Should be able to build something quite……..Brutal. ”

Mr.Nigglesworth smiled “Ill do what i can and try to work out the numbers. See you soon Boss!”

Proudstarr sat back pondering.. “Cant wait to see there faces when i show up with a team”

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