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            Welcome to the wondeful world of Blitz tv, Whats Blitz Tv you ask? Well its your new weekly show for MML Blitz what will be targeted to be Aired Every Monday and will be found on the Blitz Website. It will entail a look back at the week in blitz and various other stuff to do with Blitz and Blood Bowl. Each Week i will be hoping to look at one of these amazing franchises and speak to the GM/Coach and get the history of the franchise and stories and there goals going forward. Also im hoping to bring in some of the bigger names on the BB circuit to chat and give there views on BB and there take on certain races they play and any advice they can pass on. There will be a sports desk what will let u know of any news that has gone on in the week of bloodbowl (this is where i need the blitz community to come up with stories of there own players and pass onto me to make into a news story.

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