Trouble in the Dark Guild

      This is Harold Smoothchin reporting live out wide the Dark tower of the Dark Wizard Guild for your Blitzdesk.  For weeks now rumors have been cycling about dark wizard guild and today we have some answers.  I was told from a source inside the guild that the Traveling Brotherhood of Apothecarys  have been in contact with guild over the in proper healing spells and miss treatment of injured and dead players.  They are now seeking compensation or the with draw of the guild from any further action with Blitz.  In a letter today from the Blitz office they released this statement over the matter.  “Today is a sad day for blitz.  We have received notice that the Dark Wizard Guild is pulling out as a sponsor for Blitz in an effort to keep peace with the Traveling Brotherhood of Apothhacyers.  They will honor all contracts for this season but will no longer continue.  We hope they both find common ground and the league will work with both the Guild and the Brotherhood in the future if either or both would like to come back as sponsors.”  So seems teams are going to be looking at other sponsors for next season.  This Harold Smoothchin reporting live out aids the Dark Wizard Guild tower for your Blitzdesk.  Back to the desk!

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