Team Services

Team services is a group of additional benefits that general managers and coaches can acquire for their teams. These services come in a wide range of flavours from nice to haves all the way across to almost necessities (for some teams). Services can be acquired by any team during the off-season and operate under the auspices of each individual service offered.  Each season you must pay to use the service again but you DON’T have to buy stuff if you already have it on the team, eg cheerleaders, coaches etc.

Medical Services

Medical Insurance

Blitz! is a dangerous place (for a players), and often players find themselves in need of medical attention that goes beyond the scope of what on-field apothecaries can handle. Medical Insurance can be purchased a la carte by teams to supplement their medical needs come the end of the season by ensuring a team is healthy and ready to play in the upcoming season.

Teams will pay a premium each season when they acquire Medical Insurance (during Draft Week). Based on the premium paid, teams will have access to medical care up to the coverage amount purchased. This medical care will cover players in the upcoming season from injury.

How it works: Teams can have any combination of players who’s salary does not exceed the coverage purchased, healed of their injuries they gained during the season after paying their deductible.

Example: A team purchases $200,000 worth of coverage for $150,000 in premium. During the season the same team has three players suffer injuries. The combined salaries of those players is $250,000. The team must now choose which two players it will submit a medical claim on (since they only purchased $200,000 in coverage and the combined total of players salaries is above the coverage amount). Player 1 has a salary of $110,000 and Player 2 has a salary of $80,000 ($190,000 total). The team must now pay its deductible of 10% of the total salary: $19,000. Once this is paid, the two players are cured of their injuries and returned to full health.

Premiums / Coverage

  • $70,000 / $100,000
  • $100,000 / $125,000
  • $125,000 / $150,000
  • $150,000 / $200,000
  • Additional coverage can be purchased in $10,000 increments ($300,000 max coverage) for every $10,000 in additional premium.
    • $210,000 in coverage for $160,000 in premiums, etc.


  • 10% of treated players salary

Medical Insurance does not cover dead players.

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase

Personal Trainer

Some players need personal attention to get them where their coaching staff wants them to be. Sometimes, other players just need a little extra help coming back from an injury or that little boost to get them to the next level.

How it works: Teams are able to hire one personal trainer per team for one of their players that is on the starting roster at the beginning of the season. If this player is alive at the end of the season, and did not suffer any set-backs (perm injuries or niggles) during the season, they may/will have one of their stats increased at the end of the season. This stat increased occurs prior to the coach determining if they are returning (prior to signing bonuses etc).

  • Personal Trainer: $150,000 for 1 season (max 1 trainer per team)
  • Designated Player: Team designates the player that will work with the personal trainer.
    • Must designate what stat the personal trainer will be focusing on.
  • Gains: 
    • No Perm Injury: Player gains a stat increase that the coach specified when they hired the personal trainer. This stat increase happens immediately at the end of the regular season (or post if the team made it to the post season) and before any other actions are taken place for the player.
    • Perm Injury: The personal trainer has been working on the injury and the player has made a full recovery. They are healed of the injury they sustained, but do not get a stat increase.


Note: Must be taken before the audit phase


Financial Services

Bank of Altdorf 

Running a team can be expensive, and inflation is not helping out. The Bank of Altdorf may be able to help the cash strapped team in their time of need. Bank of Altdorf savings accounts makes it easy to save for your teams future!

  • Opening Service Fee: $50,000 to open an account at this prestigious establishment and you must keep a minimum of 10k in the bank at all times or the account will be closed.
  • Minimum Balance: $10,000
  • Interest Paid:   The interest rate is calculated based on your Team Budget at the start of pre-season (pre ANY purchases or drafting) and paid out on whatever money is in your bank account at the end of the season (gold that you saved from the season) but done before season payouts.


Interest rates:

  • 0 – 1.99 million = 30%
  • 2 – 2.199 million = 15%
  • 2.2 million – 2.499 million = 12%
  • 2.5 – 2.799 million = 8%
  • 2.8 million plus = 5%

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase

Bribe A Sponsor

26,090 Bribe Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

A goblin spy is bribed to infiltrate a rival team of your choice and finds out their sponsor choice before the deadline. 

  • Cost – 50k gold to see 2 sponsors and who has picked them.  30k gold for subsequent bribes up to maximum of 5. (This would allow up to 5 different Franchise’s sponsors to be revealed).

Coaches that take this service will have 24 hours after the sponsor deadline to receive the information and potentially change their own sponsor.

Anyone planning on using this service must inform a Blitz Official.

Note: Must be taken before the Sponsors are announced 

The Rancher

Rancher Labs Ropes Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei Support Into Container Platform - SDxCentral

The Rancher

During the draft a team that has been dealing with The Rancher team service may draft a player of their choice from either their own Ranch team or another’s Ranch team. This draft MUST use the drafting table below for drafting a player from using the rancher service.

  • Cost – 50k per season.
  • Prices for drafting a player from the Ranch is using one of your draft picks- The draft pick used is based off level of player-  Level 6-7 1st round pick, level 4-5 3rd round pick, 1-3 6th round pick

To draft from a Ranch team that is not your own, terms must be agreed upon by both GMs for said player. This may involve payment and would be submitted as a Trade Ticket (during the trade window but prior to the draft).

A player drafted in this way joins the league as normal and, if released, joins the Free Agent pool.

Note: Must be taken before the Main Draft (48 hours before)





Roaring Fans

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Roaring Fans.

You can buy Cheerleaders to increase the amount of money you receive from season payments.

  • Cost – 30k per season for a Cheerleader Dressing Room and the cost of the Cheerleaders in-game (which will count towards team tv).

For every Cheerleader bought, fan sales will increase during the regular season. This is worked out as Number of Cheerleaders x FF after Game week 7 (regular season only), and then this is multiplied by 5 to arrive a total cash of the extra sales. So 5 Cheerleaders x 5 FF after Game week 7 would be 25… 25×5 = 125k paid out. 

This payment is capped at 500k and paid out at the end of the season.

Note:  You do not have to re buy cheerleaders each season unless you drop them and want to re hire them.

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase






Team Expansion

Minor League Team N/A

Blitz! minor league teams are a hierarchy of professional blood bowl teams that are affiliated with your Blitz! Team. Each Blitz! team is allowed to have one minor league team of their own which is used for player development. In other words, every minor league team is contracted to a Blitz! team.

For example, the Macon Money’s minor league team are the Loco Pandas. Nearly every Blitz! player has started their career on a minor league team. Players start low and work their way up to the big teams. It is common for players to get called up to the Blitz! teams and then sent back down several times, especially when young or first breaking into Blitz!

How it works: Every Blitz! team is entitled to have one minor league team. Naming conventions follow the same criteria as the main league teams. Minor League Teams are notional, that is they don’t exist in-game. They exist here on the Blitz! website. The offer a way for coaches and GMs to manage their teams better by providing a place for extra players to develop or rest and recoup from injuries.

  • 2 additional roster slots per 1 assistant coach (max of 16 roster player slots)
  • Roster players annual salaries are 1/2 their normal salary
  • Players earn SPP while on the roster:
    • 5 SPP per season spent on the roster
  • Players are eligible for signing bonus SPP
  • Players can be traded with other minor league teams at any time
  • Blitz! team players can be sent down to your minor league team during the Off-Season Week.
    • Coaches will pay 1/2 the salary price (after all SPP adjustments) at this time for sent down players.
  • Minor League players can be sent up to your Blitz! team during Off-Season week.
    • Coaches will pay full salary price (after all SPP adjustments) at this time for sent up players.
  • Roster players must be of the same coalition as your Blitz! Team
  • You can not carry more players of any one single position than is normally allowed by such a team.
  • Players of level 4+ will not play for a minor league team.
  • Players will participate in end of season Player Health and Welfare.

Establishing a Minor League Team:

  • Initial Cost: 
    • $100,000 (build a stadium)
    • $10,000 (1 assistant coach)
  • Annual Cost:
    • All player salaries (1/2 their normal salary)
    • All Assistant Coach salaries

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase (unless your drafting players to go to the MLT)


Blitz Scouting Agency


Professional Football Platform for Scouting Companies - Wyscout

Blitz Scouting Agency.

Before the start of each season a team can pay a BSA to keep an eye on the Minor Leagues for future stars. During the season, prior to Week 7, a team may add any rookie positional to their team (as long as they have the in-game gold).


  • Cost – 30k per season and 1 Assistant Coach. An additional Assistant Coach may be added for a maximum of 2 Assistant Coaches and then 2 rookie positional’s may be added during the season.

Assistant coaches may NOT be added during the season.

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase




Youth Team

Blood Bowl - Fantasy Football - Races, Teams & Players

Youth Team:

Your franchise goes out into the community to identify youngsters with potential. But you never quite know if they’ll make the transition to the big time. 

Note:  Teams may note use perks on these players that they have after they are created.  They come to the season as they were made.  After the players first season they are a normal player and may receive new levels, perk bonuses etc.

The Youth Team is only available to Players with NO Mutation Access.

  • Cost – 150k to set up the training facility and hire a scout.
  • Upkeep Cost – 50k per season after the first to keep the Youth Team active.
  • May spend 25k to re roll 1 roll during the creation of these services (may only be done once).

Team service can be acquired during Registration Week. In each season that the Youth Team is active (INCLUDING the season it is acquired), between the Drop Phase and Draft Periods, your scouts go to work.

  1. Roll a D6 for the Race in the Coalition the player belongs to (adjusting roll depending on number of races. e.g. 2 races – 1-3, 4-6 / 3 races 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 / 5 races – RR a 6).
  2. Roll a D6 for which Position they play (no Linemen, these players are potential superstars!). (same process for rolls).
  3. Roll a D6+1 for which Level the player comes into your team at. 
  4. For each Level, roll a D6 for the Skill Area in which they’re showing potential ( 2 – General, 3 – Agility, 4 – Passing, 5- Strength, 6 – Characteristic). A roll of 1 is re-rolled.
  5. The Coach then gets to pick the skills from the areas that they have rolled for. E.g. Roll – Skaven / Roll – Gutter Runner / Roll – Level 3 / Roll (twice) Passing and Strength = Coach picks one passing and one strength skill for this player.

The Youth Player MUST then join the team IN ADDITION to the 5 kept players, before the draft. 

In their first season, the Youth Player costs 50k less to reflect their inexperience on the field. This money will be reimbursed post-draft.  After the first season, your Youth Player will become a Senior Player and his contract will be full price and he will have to be one of your 5 kept players to continue on the team. The player can also be dropped to Free Agency at this point.  However, if you have maintained the Youth Team, another player may be brought up in the same way and become the new Youth Player following the same process.

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase



Mutation Nation

Blood Bowl THE VIDEO GAME — Team Introduction #2 : Chaos

Mutation Nation

Mutation Nation Player Services offers you wonderful crazy Mutation Masterpieces each season and every future season of Blitz. With a subscription rate of just 50k, we can deliver you a superstar that can help you win more games, more money and have more fun.

Note:  Teams may note use perks on these players that they have after they are created.  They come to the season as they were made.  After the players first season they are a normal player and may receive new levels, perk bonuses etc.

Mutation Nation is only available to Players with Mutation Access.

  • Cost – 50k per season 
  • May spend 25k to re roll 1 roll during the creation of these services (may only be done once).

Player Salaries

In their first season your creation’s salary will cost you 30% less. So if he costs 200k he would only cost 140k in the first season. They will not count as one of your five kept players in the season they are created.

After the first season, as long as you pay the 50k upkeep and that player is picked as one of your five kept players, they will receive a 20% discount on their salaries. This will continue as long as you keep paying the upkeep cost, though it does not stack. If you keep the player but don’t pay the upkeep cost the player will cost you full price. 

Each season you pay the upkeep cost you will get a new Mutation Nation creation roll (maximum one player per season created). This new creation will have 30% off their salary. If you then keep this player for a second season (as part of your 5) their salary will have 20% off.


The Chosen One

Regardless of whether you are happy or not with your creation you MUST take the player for that season. No ifs, no buts, that’s the gamble. But here at Mutation Nation we are confident you won’t be sorry.  We only create the best here. 

Mutation Nation will keep track of all their creations and each creation will have MN at the end of their names plus a number that tells us how many players were created before them. This also helps Mutation Nation to pay out the correct discounted salaries for those who keep loyal to their Company.


My Creation

Okay, so you want to know how your new superstar is created? Well, with everything, there are always random elements and risks when you cut different body parts from one body and add them to a different one, but Mutation Nation are confident that, with our experienced Mad Scientists in charge, you will be happy with what you get. 

  • Race and Position –  Will be random and will be decided by a dice roll.
  • Player Level –  Will be a D6+1 to get the level. So if a 3 is rolled you will get a lvl 4 player.


Upgrade Table:

  • 30K – To make the first skill Block Or Wrestle. This is your choice but you must confirm what skill they want before we begin your creation.
  • 50k – To add a further +1 to the dice roll for the Player Level. So now it would be D6+2 giving you a much better chance of getting a legendary player.
  • 30k –  To guarantee what position your creation will play.  Again you must tell us the position before we create it.

Fine Print

All levels will be rolled randomly and will be mutation skills unless you have paid for the block/wrestle upgrade.  If we get duplicate skills we will re-roll until we get a different skill for your creation. 

Note: Must be taken before the audit phase






Vesting Contracts

Vesting Player Contracts

A vesting player contract is an option afforded to teams with a total budget of $1,500,000 and below.

A vesting option is a contract with a player that allows a player to play for a team for 50% of their asking contract for one season. If the player reaches a certain performance incentive threshold the team can hire them for the next season by paying the remaining 50% of their contract to play for one more season. Subsequent seasons cost full contract price going forward.

If a player does not reach the specified threshold, then the team is under no obligation to retain the player. If the team wishes to retain the player however, they must pay the full contract price.

Teams may not offer a vesting option contract to the same player more than once.

Teams may only offer ONE vesting option contract per season.

Only Positional players may be offered vesting option contracts. Big guys cannot be offered vesting contracts.

Vested contracts may only be offered when drafting a player or picking them up as a free agent.

Performance Incentives

  • Throwers/Passing Access Positional
    • 10 passes
      • +2 passes per Passing Skill
    • 300 passing yards
  • Runners/Agility Access Positional
    • 10 Touchdowns
      • +1 touchdown per Agility Skill
      • +2 touchdowns per Stat Up
    • 300 rushing yards
  • Catchers/Agility Access Positional
    • 10 Catches
      • +2 catches per Agility Skill
    • 300 receiving (rushing) yards
    • +1 touchdown per Stat Up
  • Blizters/Blockers/Strength Access Positional
    • 50 Blocks
      • +10 blocks per Stat Up
    • 10 Removals
      • +5 Removals per Strength Skill

The following positions can be offered any of the above Performance Incentives:

  • Beastmen
  • Pestigors
  • Goblin
  • Halfling


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