League Team Budgets

Teams are expensive in Blitz! Each team is allowed to bank their cash and use it as they see fit in their quest for Blitz! glory. Following is a breakdown of each teams overall banked revenue.

Team Name
Mystic Falls Timberwolves4000
Tijuana Tequila Shots6750
Necropolypse Narcoleptics7850
Drumphtopia Winners22659
Philly Tailgate Bullies25000
Killadelfia Undground40000
Miscatonic Gulls47000
Fairy Isle Unicorns50000
Philandelfia SevenSixes55000
Ischelware Midnight106316
Gulf Coast Chaos113000
Mousillon Malice Utd135000
London Wombats155000
Philly Pounding Fathers175000
Port Reaver Outlanders198188
Lycansas Razorclaws200000
Itza Leaping Lizards210000
Tunari Top Tarantulas235000
Wurzen Vultures255000
Gatlinberg Goodguys290000
Eoforwic Blue Bloods330000
Transylvania Terrors350000
Molenas Great Warriors421840
Demonsville Chancers445700
Nappanee Nightmare473000
Hashut Howlers543000
Tiwanaku Flying Pebbles641000
Hamelin Renegades666620
Bikini Bottom Surfers1465000
Hazard Heresy1560500
Arizona Aristocrats1570000
Florida Fumblers1570000
Rotten Reach Ravangers1600000
Sandria Smashers1646000
Feckington Fire Hams1646634
Tiger Bay Tramplers1672000
Middenheim Malevolents1690000
Black Mountain Blacksheep1693000
Liubice Cougars1705000
Ragefire Raptors1750000
Atlantis Sea Vipers1777000
Antwerp Owls1779000
Los Angles All Stars1779000
North Texas Sarlacc1780000
Sierra Salamanders1810000
Coronilla Goats1835000
Crestwood Ravens1836000
Ikebukuro Ransackers1850000
Sheffield Scorpions1870000
Clearwater Sea Orgs1880000
Wimbledon Rotwombles1899000
Outback Gator Wrestlers1906000
Jamul Jabronis1910000
San Jose Specters1910000
Stumptown Slavers1946000
Northland Ice Weasels1997000
Newcastle Phoenixes2000000
Sanford Soup Kitchenettes2000000
Yorkshire Phoenix2025000
Monte Cristo Hotdicers2030000
Hoffenheim Honeybadgers2045000
Carcosa Taxmen2106000
Jaggerland Jesters2110000
Neverwinter Nittany Lions2114950
Mirkwood Dragons2115000
Oldworld Outsiders2140000
Blackforest Unicorns2142000
Bolton Donks2165000
Montreal Havoc2225000
Bandlands Rejects2228000
Doompeak Tunnelers2237000
Calgary Misanthropes2285000
Granite City Guardians2310000
Butetown Brawlers2361000
Tschernobyl Cockroachers2370000
Beverly Hills Beasts2420500
Dragon Isle Poachers2462820
Templehof Howlers2470000
Macon Money2502000
Badlands Bears2510000
Craftworld Harlequins2534000
Appalachian Paws2603000
Ghrond Bellboys2786553
Dunsford Do Lilly Taps2878751
Hanover Hangovers2902000
Fife Falcons3774000
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