Frequently Asked Questions

How much gold does my team get to start a season?

That depends. If you are a brand new team, you get $2,000,000 to start with. After that, your teams revenue depends on many factors, refer to Team Revenue for details.

How does gold get to my team?

A Player Union Agent will contact you and arrange a time to have an in-game meeting. During this meeting, the appropriate amount of gold will be transferred to your team using the method the Player Union Agent walks you through.

Where do I get players for my team?

The Free Agent market. This is the only authorized place to acquire a player for your team (other than trading with another coach). You may not hire players in-game as you would for a normal team. To acquire players for your team, you will need to identify the appropriate player in the Free Agent market, and contact a Player Union Agent to acquire that player for your team.

Any player who is hired in-game without the knowledge of a Player Union Agent is considered an illegal player and the team will be sanctioned by the League.

When do I get paid from my sponsor?

See the timeline.

When am I considered to have breached my sponsor contract?

This is by sponsor, but unless specified you are in breach if you do not meet the criteria at the end of the season. See each individual sponsor for details.

What do I have to pay for at the end of a season?

You will have to pay for your player salaries, and any additions (stadium upgrades, coaches, cheerleaders, re-rolls, etc.)

You do not have to pay for any existing stadium enhancements, stadium, coaches, cheerleaders or re-rolls.

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