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    This Grizzly Longfurr reporting live outside the Blitz office where hundreds of blitz players and fans have gathered.  I’ve been told players are not happy with the lack of action most haven’t seen so far in Blitz.  One ogre told me “me hit nothing, me not happy” I asked a fan today why he was here this is what he said. “My hometown team has barely changed over 7 seasons and haven’t drafted in sometime.  I here to support the players waiting around for a chance to play and maybe shack things up back home”.  I’ve been told a few players are in the office right now talking with agents about changes.  Looks like they are coming out now.  Let’s listen to this announcement.   

“Welcome everyone.  Today we’re going to announce changes that we hope will make Blitz more interesting and fun.  We hope these changes spark more action not just on the pitch but as well as off the pitch.  Are goal is to always make things fun and different.  Here are the changes coming into affect at the end of this season.

Changing teams:

Gm’s may change teams and start over after at least 2 seasons with current team.  The new team must have a new name, collation and history.   The gm will not be allowed to change again after 2 seasons back to the prior collation he played before.  When changing teams no gold, rr’s, apo, players, bank account or any prior connection with the former team will carry over.  Team will start with 2 million gold (any sanctions the team received prior to a change will be applied to the new team).  A new team under a former gm of  another team will receive no “new gm/coach” incentives.

End of season action:

At the end of the season/playoffs teams may only keep 4 players on their roster.   All players other then these 4 players are sent to the free agent market to prepare for the draft and go for the oh mighty gold!   Teams may still use the 2 injury reserves so players may see the doctor (players must be placed on injure reserve before week 7). A team may keep 1 of the 2 players on long term IR after seeing the doctor (all doctor visits will be done prior to players being dropped). This player must sit out next season and take 1 of the next seasons IR spots.

We hope this will give more players a chance at action. Also this move we hope will bring back the fun in the draft maybe more trades and draft movements.”

Well there you have to folks Blitz is changing and getting much more interesting.  This is Grizzly Longfurr reporting back to you guys at the Blitzdesk

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