Yorkshire Phoenix

Yorkshire Phoenix are a new franchise in MML Blitz and it sees the return of Bernie Buffon who comes back to the MML as Owner and Coach of the Most exciting team in sports entertainment MML Blitz history. Bernie guarantees an all action game every time they don those yellow and orange uniforms. My job is to put out a championship winning team what entertains the fans because without them I don’t get rich its as simple as that.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Yorkshire Phoenix have spent a lot of money on a state of the art Underworld Goblins Academy, A State of the art stadium called the Flaming Inferno what actually gets set alight in the away end during the match to keep the fans on there toes, and who doesn’t like seeing the opposition fans on fire. It just gives our fans an extra layer of entertainment free of charge. There is Rumours a plenty of who will be the first draft pick for this up and coming Franchise. All Bernie would say on the matter is the players coming in are going to be HUGE I tell you HUGE. Not sure if that means huge Rat Ogres or a superstar Underworld Goblin who knows.


Team Information

Team Name

Yorkshire Phoenix

  • Uniform
    •  Orange and Yellow
  • Motto
    • Those Who Die Will Rise Again
  • Stadium
    • Flaming Inferno
  • Mascot
    • A Flaming Phoenix Called Lazarus




Or as the fans call him Steve FRIKKING Michaels is a Huge Star in the world of Blood Bowl and is known to the MML for his ruthless killing and amazing plays, this Werewolf had many great moments but tragedy struck when his brother Shaun Michaels was violently fouled to death on a blood bowl pitch. Rumour is Michaels has unfinished Business on this matter but Bernies most loyal and trusted friend is hired for two things as a Body Guard to the main man himself and as a Coach in Brutality. A position he held previously and did a fine job with one of the most feared teams ever to grace the MML The Plague Ridden Cowboys.


Bernie and his faithful green little friend go back many years, Gob McSploring has a huge fanbase the famous goblin star reporter who is well known for his excellent pitch side reports and also as a shrewd scout with a reputation of earthing the next superstar. Mad Frankie Fraser one of the most feared Enforcers in the MML was signed on McSplorings say so and he was a huge hit for the Cowboys. Gob Mcsploring has already got his draft sheet ready to go to war with the other Franchises, and is confident that the Phoenix will get the players they need on there first step to World Domination. His Job will be to scout opponents before the Phoenix face them and also Head of Media and anything where he can make the club money.


Security plain and simple he makes sure the team get there in one piece if people get in the way of that, they don’t live very long. A reporter once asked him they say you killed 120 players and frankie replied who am I to disagree i’ve always liked an even number. When he is not on the Job he can be seen modelling his new Frankie Goes To Flaming Inferno range and soon to be announced his Relax range what strangely has pictures of him killing players on the T-Shirts. This is a very nice lucrative venture what also brings in money for Yorkshire Phoenix as well.


Zodag is there Spiritual advisor who makes sure there heads are in the right place and there fists are ready for killing or holding the ball. Its also rumoured he can see into the future and maybe the team can take advantage of this in there upcoming matches.  Rumour has it that he actually drinks Bugmans Ale because the green stuff just doesn’t do it for him, an orc drinking dwarf ale would be a scandal if it ever came out! He strongly denies these allegations and has no idea how crates of Bugmans keep ending up in his tent.


Is the high powered lawyer who is on the Phoenix books to make things go away, or seem that they never happened in the first place. Also checks the teams finances to make sure they don’t go over there budget and makes sure the right refs get paid, and is always looking for those value for money refs. Rumour has it that a reporter from The Nuffle Star was brutally murdered after some say he had proof that Remington Vasiloff is not only a lawyer but a famous serial killer who the press have dubbed Close Shave due to the killer shaving his victims hair off and then decapitating them and sticking them on a pike.

Bernie is confident that quality staff will help the Phoenix rise to the top. Only time will tell if these bold claims and plans bear fruit and make them a force to be reckoned with.

Head Coaches

  • Bernie (Season 6 – present)

General Managers

  • Bernie (Season 6 – present)

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