Tiger Bay Tramplers

Tiger Bay grew from nothing. Needing a place to load their mined warpstone onto ships, a small band of enterprising and heavily mutated Skaven settled at the mouth of the River Ruin, on the Northern coast of The Sea of Dread. Named after the fierce currents around the local tidal stretches, what started as a single wharf became, over time, a huge array of docks built on and around the swampy waters of the Ruin’s delta. From here a great industry grew as the warpstone, carted down over and under land, from Crookback mountain and beyond, was loaded onto steamships or Trampers, and sent off into the Old and New World.

As Tiger Bay’s warpstone exports grew, so did its population; dockhands, merchants, chancers, all came from across the Old World and settled in neighbourhoods around the docks. The strange power of the warpstone drew the darkest, the most dangerous and most sadistic, those that couldn’t live in more civilised places. Skaven warbands, their mutated Underworld cousins (the ones who covet the stone more than anyone else) and the slave labour of the Goblins and Trolls, abducted from other mining operations and promised all the warpstone they desired, but rarely receiving it, all settled in Tiger Bay. It wasn’t long before the malevolent forces extended to further afield and those two uneasy neighbours far to the North, the Dark Elves and the Warriors of the Chaos Wastelands, found their way to Tiger Bay. Not the good ones mind, as if such exist, but the worst ones. The ones shunned by even their own kind for being, well, too dark.

Tiger Bay has a reputation for being a tough and dangerous area. The locals are bad enough, but then Merchant seamen started to arrive from all over the Old World, only staying for as long as it took to discharge and reload their ships. Consequently, Tiger Bay became a hive of scum and villainy (the second most wretched) and many murders and lesser crimes go unsolved and unpunished, as the perpetrators have sailed away.

On one of these ships came Coach Ntb_99, a Skaven coach of little fame but renowned for his love of pain. Not his pain, but the pain of his players as he gleefully ordered them again and again into the darkest and most dangerous of situations from the safety of the dugout. His addiction had grown in the MML and deepened further in the battlegrounds of Mordheim. But both career routes had ended in abject failure and now he was looking for something, or rather someone, that could take him to the next level. A group of players that could provide him with that sweet ecstasy once more. A group of killers that could take him to the rapture.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

When Coach Ntb arrived in Tiger Bay his reputation had preceded him. Two street urchins immediately delivered messages for him to meet with the two ruling factions.

Tiger Bay is controlled by two groups; the mining side is handled by the descendants of Kratch Doomclaw, Warlord of Clan Rictus from Crookback Mountain, allied to the Skaven and the Underworld denizens (although such an epithet could apply to all who reside in this Nuffle-forsaken place) and the town side is handled by the Chaos Warriors and Beastmen under the control of Overlord Krazak, the self-appointed Mayor of Tiger Bay. Finally, there are the Dark Elves, who hire out their services (and their blades) to whichever of these two groups that look like they will help forward their own Machiavellian interests at any one time.

Deciding to remain impartial to the politics, Coach Ntb outlined his plans to both parties, and it was Krazak that took the bait, I mean, was enthused by the idea of a Blitz franchise team that would bring more easy prey, I mean, trade into Tiger Bay. It took a bit of persuading, and a whole lot of Warpos (warp-flavoured cheese-based snacks) to get Clan Rictus on board, and a quick sweep of the dockside brothels collared, I mean, impressed with his sales pitch, a few Delves to join.

Krazak then provided the funds and got the slave labour to build a suitable stadium as befitting Tiger Bay (in a manner of speaking), whilst Coach Ntb put the ragtag group of mercenaries through their paces. Which mostly just involved sharpening claws, teeth, horns, hooves and blades. Still, they needed sharpening.

Team Information

Team Name

The steam-powered ships that carry the warpstone across the world never have a fixed schedule or published ports of call. This is known as engaging in the tramp trade. The ships themselves are often referred to as Tramp Steamers or simply, Trampers.

Ntb’s original name for the team was the Tiger Bay Trampers after the aforementioned vessels, but Overlord Krazak wanted something more frightening and befitting of the cloven hooves of half of his team, and so the Tramplers were born.


The Butetown Trampledome, unlike conventional stadia, is more of cage, erected around a piece of hard-scrabble in the roughest suburb of Tiger Bay. Citizens and visitors to Tiger Bay are invited to sit or stand anywhere they can and encouraged to throw hard objects. Like rocks. Or spears. Preferably at the opposition.

 Team Logo and Colours

The Tramplers play in orange with a bit of black. The colours of a tiger. Ish. Orange is also, by enormous fluke of course, Overlord Krazak’s third favourite colour. After blood and money. Their logo is a small brown creature with a ball under his arm, a spade on his shoulder and a sack of warpstone on his back. Despite the obvious references to the mining enterprises on which Tiger Bay was founded, Overlord Krazak chose this logo because, and I quote, “He looks like he’s about to trample someone.” No-one wished to point out that, in fact, it’s a sneaky gobbo stealing some warpstone from his Master, a practice that earns a very gruesome death in Tiger Bay. Usually as a way of testing the sharpness of all those pointy things.

Team Mascot:

The Tramplers don’t have a mascot. Like murderers don’t. The closest thing might be a dagger, clutched in a cloven, clawed hoof. I would guess. Just imagining. Because it doesn’t exist. Or does it?

Retired Numbers

The Tramplers don’t use numbers. Each player so values his dangerous reputation that the team would decimate itself if a number-based hierarchy was introduced. One time, in training, Coach Ntb, split the players into odds and evens for a warm-up and ended up needing to hire a completely new line of scrimmage. It should be noted therefore, that shirt numbers are purely ornamental and for the commentators only.

What they do have though is a Rogue’s Gallery. Any player who dies for the cause (and who has caused at least five injuries or deaths to any other players, including his own) may have his mugshot from his last incarceration placed here.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Head Coach

  • Ntb_99 (Season 3 – Present)

Recent Team News

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