Templehof Howlers

The Templehof Howlers are a rookie blood bowl team established for the upcoming inaugural 2018 MML Blitz season, during which they are competing in the East conference of the Blue division. They play out of the newly created NextLife Stadium in the small province of Templehof in Sylvania. They are owned by a small group of rather insignificant but highly ambitious Vampire Counts and Necromancers who hired the cheapest coach they could find, LConnor.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The History of the Templehof Howlers is a rather simple one. One of the Vampire owners saw a remarkably hapless undead team shambling around a blood bowl field. This team, the Undead Shakespeare Company, were originally a troupe of actors who, after several terrible reviews, were persuaded into becoming a blood bowl team to pay off mounting debts. After a rather appalling start to a short lived stint in the Farm during which the two wights, Macdaeth, and Lady Macdeath were killed and a mummy crippled the team was disbanded and Coach Connor found himself out of work.

The small group of necromancers and vampire lords saw in Connor a trait that every owner of a prospective blood bowl franchise desires to see in a potential employee, the willingness to work for peanuts. They approached him with the offer of coaching and managing their newly created Templehof Howlers. Connor could see potential in a team with the strength of mummies and the all-round ability of werewolves and so jumped at the chance.

Team Information

Team Name

The teams name relates to the owners obsession with werewolves and the fact that the fans in the NextLife Stadium have taken to howling whenever either team, most usually the opposition team, scores or, more regularly, a player is injured. The name is no way related to any other team bearing the name Howlers and all similarities are purely coincidental.

Logos and Colours

The team’s primary logo is a wolf with a clawed hand its mouth.

The team plays in the colours of Mordheim. The reason for this is the uniforms were extremely cheap and the owners wouldn’t spend any coin on creating a uniform more accurately representing the district of Templehof.


The Holwers mascot is Ray Harry-Howler, a zombie dressed in a werewolf outfit that has identity issues and now believes he is a werewolf. However this is obviously not the case as he doesn’t actually have the ability to howl dude to the teams original mascot, an actual werewolf, tearing out his vocal chords in an incident when the crowd howled for a severe injury during a friendly game when he lost control and murdered several fans and players as well the referee.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • LConnor87 (Season 1 – Present)

Recent Team News

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