Stumptown Slavers

The Stumptown Slavers are a founding member of the MML Blitz! league. The Slavers hail from a mysterious port hidden off the northern coast of Lustria. Affectionately called Stumptown due to the destructive clear cut logging that marked its founding as a pirate bay and trading center. Mainly made up Dark Elf corsairs and other unsavory types, it’s residents are known for their particular glee in the capitalization of living resources.  The team plays in the west conference in the red division. The team is owned and operated collectively by the Masters of the port, whom are elected by their peers every 20 years to guide the business ventures of the corsair cabal that founded Stumptown. Their home stadium, “Bondage Bay” is built on the site of the original market on the docks of the town where the first High Elves brought in bondage to the port were sold as curiosities to local Lustrian chiefs in exchange for Saurus Laborers whom in turn were forced to built the very stadium itself that now houses the team.

Franchise History

Eventually the founding crews became very wealthy and began to stay permanently in the settlement, rotating out only for dark exploits of profit around the globe. The Masters of Stumptown began to accumulate wealth unheard of for a small pirate colony such as itself and began to devise ways to hide and channel their fortunes in new venture. The idea of founding a Bloodbowl team was raised in coven and unanimously voted YES. The pirates themselves wanted in on the glory of scoring and blitzing but their lack of numbers forced them to look for meat shields and subordinates to take the pitch in aid.  Through the many mercantile relationships the Slavers of Stumptown formed, one was with a crusade of Chaos in Kislev struggling to survive. In exchange for gold and protection from the god Slaneesh, the Slavers traded High elf scholars, human craftsmen, and saurus laborers to the Demonic band and its cause. Many of those Warriors and their Beastmen servants stayed in Stumptown to handle affairs. Some wind up playing Bloodbowl to earn gold and buy slaves to take back to their gods in sacrifice. Often times the cargo and ships plundered come with unlucky stow aways, Skaven rats. Worthless as slaves due to their spiteful nature and fragile builds, another use was found. All Skaven captured are forced to train in BloodBowl. Most die on the pitch but the fortunately cunning and agile are offered captive luxury, a wheel in their cage, a wedge of cheese, and to the best. . . .even gold.

Team Information

Team name

The team is named after the lifeblood of its economy and the profession of its citizenry. When the team was officially founded and allowed entry into the MML Blitz League, the Masters chose what could have been the only title possible for this franchise and the enterprise they represent, the Stumptown Slavers.

Logo and colors

The team logo is taken from the crest and banner of the first Dark elf vessel to take captives and trade in area, the “Mollusk” . The crossed daggers and skull mask of the corsair represent all that Stumptown is.


Contrary to popular belief the mascot is not the corsair but instead a particularly dim witted and demented Rat Ogre named Dizzle. In attendance at home games, Dizzle is yanked by it’s chains and tricked into torturous games throughout the crowd. Children may purchase tiny shivs at the team store and poke them at Dizzle it is dragged through each section.

Players and Personal

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Umphreysmagoo (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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