Oldworld Outsiders

The Oldworld Outsiders are a Blood Bowl team like no other. Where a Blood Bowl team would call a city or provenance their home , the Oldworld Outsiders traverse the seas of the World in their stadium on the back of the largest Dwarf Ironclad that has ever existed , The Vengeance of Grimnir.


Background & Establishment

This legend began like many others, a dream. Byrrnoth Grundadrakk dwarven King of Barak Varr, the seaport dwarf hold located in the border Princes had a dream, to build the largest most powerful Ironclad that has ever been built.

To take on this grand endeavour Byrrnoth recruited the services of the mad slayer engineer Malakai Makaisson , builder of the airship the Spirit of Grungi the engineer was chomping at the bit to build a ironclad that would forge his name eternal in the history of the dwarven race. But the dream went off the rails for King Byrrnoth when Makaisson took it upon himself part way during construction of the ship to change the plans of the Ironclad . Gone were the fortified iron walls lined with dwarf cannons and the organ gun towers, instead the mad engineer took inspiration from the Black Arks of the Dark Elves and built something more grandeur. A floating Blood Bowl stadium .

Furious with his chief engineers destruction of his dream, King Byrrnoth ordered the immediate destruction of the Ironclad and imprisonment of all involved in it’s construction. But the Slayer engineer knew full well that the moment his financier discovered what had transpired to the ship a reckoning would come for him and his engineers, and they were prepared. Making their escape the Ironclad burst forth from the construction dock of Barak Varr and sailed into the Black Gulf. None of King Byrrnoth’s ships were able to stop the vessel, it’s iron hide all but impenetrable from cannon fire and mortar, the giants returning cannon fire crippled it’s pursuers and Malakai made his escape.

Team Information

Team name

Now with the grandest Blood Bowl stadium  in the world Makaisson needed a team , and the most fierce Blood Bowl league to compete in .Malakai heard word of a new league, the Blitz league. With mixed teams drawn from every race across the globe Malakai had encountered many a human and elf and knew what they could bring to a team that a stoic dwarf could not and sailed the Ironclad from the Black Gulf , through the Tilea Sea to the Sea of Claws , recruiting players from Bretonnia, the Empire, the Forest of Loren and the Moot. All peoples from the free lands of the OldWorld . Malakai knew they were countryless, free to go as they pleased with no Lord to tell them otherwise, so they named themselves the OldWorld Outsiders and their vessel, their home , the ship with which to cause a bloody swathe through the world of Blood Bowl and instill fear in their opponents hearts , the Vengeance of Grimnir, named for the Slayer God that Malakai Makaisson pledged his life and all slayers lives too.

Logo and colour

The Oldworld Outsiders took the likeness of Grimnir himself as their logo . Their pledge to slay the mightiest of opponents, or die in the attempt.

The OldWorld Outsiders team colours are Blue and Burgundy. The colour of the wild seas they ride and of the great Sea creatures that inhabit it.


For a team ran by a mad Dwarf Slayer and crewed by many a number of them, there could be no other Mascot for the Outsiders than a depiction of Grimnir himself. Before every match a dozen dwarf slayers would partake in a ritual brawl in the stadium in front of the whole crowd, no weapons are allowed  just the fighters bare fists. The last slayer left standing would have the honour of donning the giant foam mascot suit of Grimnir and spend the match stoking the fire in the fans into a frenzy and attacking their opponents mascot in an act of sheer brutality .

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches:

  • AndyCuk (Season 1 – present)

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