Nappanee Nightmares

The Nappanee Nightmares are a professional Blood Bowl Team based out of a dark hole somewhere in the Indyana area..The Team began play in 2019 in Season 5 of MML Blitz. They started in the South Division of the US conference. No one is sure where the money for the team came from but there are rumors that it might be from some unseemly acts that none will speak of, one thing to be sure of they don’t plan to go down without you remembering there name!!

Franchise History

Background and establishment

After a long time away Coach Proudstarr showed up where things for him started with a lot of money and a plan.. With the work of him and his assistant coach Mr. Nigglesworth they started building a team of serious monsters to put on the pitch.  With money that Proudstarr had returned with, The support of a sponsor in UPS and a menacing will of determination the team plans to cement there name in the history books of the MML. One way or the other when these monsters take the field there is no way you wont forget them for weeks to come!

Team Information

Team Name

When Proudstarr heard about these coalition teams he thought long and hard about what would work best to his coaching style and by his choice he called them the Nightmares. The pure brutality this team could bring to the field is unnerving for any coach and keeping them in check can be as much  a nightmare as facing them.. The players willingly ware the Nightmare name with pride and intend that you know exactly why they are called such.. From the Strength they can bring to the nasty edition of goblins wielding weapons this team definitely earns there name.

Logos and Colors

The Nightmare chose the goblin moon with its tongue holding the ball. Mainly do to its unnerving look that it has.

Black with Yellow dots.


The Nightmare at this time have no mascot. However there is rumor floating that they have plans to steal one from a defeated team in the future if they are able. Alive or dead dose not matter to them..It can be stuffed right?

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Proudstarr (Season 5 – present)

General Managers

  • Proudstarr (Season 5 – present)

Recent Team News

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