Nagashizzir Nightmares

Nagashizzir Nightmares are a Blood bowl team, created and owned by the Great Nagash, with their home in the shadow of the fortress Nagashizzir and first came together for the inaugural MML Blitz! Season in 2018-playing in the West conference of the Blue division. The team is owned(or should it be raised?) by the Necromancer and God of the unliving Nagash, and plays their games at the Bone Bowl, at the foot of Nagashizzar, carved into the living rock of Cripple peak.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

There have been many great undead teams over the years, and many a player has had their last moments with the fetid breath of a werewolf or ghoul on their neck but blood bowl only came to Nagashizzir after a chance encounter between one of nagash’s roving patrols and a goblin warband.

It was one of nagash’s chief lieutenants Arkan the Black who lead the patrol and upon attacking the foolish goblins was amazed at the destructive ability  of one goblin in particular, who before his capture, destroyed dozens of zombies with bombs he slung with amazing accuracy and flair.

Gobscum the goblin was taken to Nagashizzir where Nagash himself deemed to interrogate him to find out how he came to such destructive skill. The goblin soon spilled the beans and told of how he was an ex blood bowl Bombadier and went on to tell an increasingly intrigued Dark Lord of the game and it many brutal ways.

Nagash, who’s unending life had become stale and tired, saw a new way to both spread his undead Power and domination whilst also showing the world that the dead where every bit as good as the living in all things (for while he found out about many great undead teams, few played in a way other than bashing and killing-and his time with the goblin had given him other ideas…)

Nagash sent his minions out  to find the fastest ghouls, raise the strongest mummies, the hardiest zombies and with the help of his newly appointed head coach Girth seeked the unholy grail of players (dead or soon to be!) who could pass the ball as well as the goblin chucked a bomb.

In 2018 the searching was over, the team was  ‘raised’ and contract signed to join the league in 2018.

Team Information

Team Name

The team name is compromised of the name of its Owner’s and the teams dwelling, the mighty fortress Nagashizzir, and Nightmares for their impact on opponents fans when they rotting cadavourous bodies, slavering ghouls and terrifying mummies enter the field of play-their fans can be pretty scary as well!

The team is unusual for one made up of the unliving in that, whilst still having an element of blood thirsty attacking players and mummies that can leave the opponents in a pile of torn limbs, are much more inclined to the passing plays usually associated with the Elven races-with ghouls and werewolves leading teams a merry dance to create an unlikely combination of pass and run plays amid the usual brutal shambling mauls.

Coach Girth was summoned by Nagash to run the team after hearing of his dream of Fame and fortune and saw in him a dark soul with a glimmer of light-a light Nagash could shine on his own need to have a bashing/passing United unliving team.

Logos and Colours

The team logo is that of a skeleton cradling the sacred blood bowl ball and primary colours are a bright blood red and deep cold blue.


The ‘Nightmare’ is an ever changing collection of bones that both terrified and charms the crowds in equal measures by playing haunting tunes on his rib cage to rouse the Home fans.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired numbers


Head coach

  • Coach Girth (Season 1 – present)

Assistant coaches

  • Arkan the Black (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News


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