Molenas Great Warriors

The Molenas Great Warriors is a professional blood bowl team hailing from the the great lands of Molena. The team began playing in the MML Blitz in 2018. It sits in the west conference in the red division. The team is owned and operated by the high conceal of Warriors of battle and former blood bowl players. These former players and warriors came together to help make the team and build the stadium Malena Colosseum.

Franchise History

After many years of battle and death the great wars ended. Chaos vs nurgle no side won and no side would every be the same again. From the ashes of battle great warriors came together with an idea on how to make the two sides equal and live under one flag. Blood bowl would be that aid. With the help of some former blood bowl players the two sides sat down at the long table and came together on a way to make it work. Chaos warriors, nurgle warriors, beastmen, pestigors all sat and hatched out what would become a plan bigger then any army tactic. Together the two would be so fierce and strong no one would stand in there way. Players of both army’s were picked and brought together.

Team Information

Team name

The name Great Warriors come from the fact that both sides are great warriors. No one side be stronger or more powerful yet both being equal. With the strength of chaos and nurgle together would only make this franchise stronger.

Logo and colors

The team logo would have to show the two sides together what better thing them their two swards raised and brought together. The team colors could only be one thing. A white base with a deathwing splash to it.


It was an easy choice for a mascot. What would get the crowd going more then a warrior riding a stead along the sideline scream and yelling and waving there team flag.

Players and personal

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired numbers


Head coach

  • Sloukey Pelt (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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