Middenheim Malevolents

The Middenheim Malevolants are a Blitz! franchise team located in the proud city of Middenheim.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The Malevolants were founded by a shady bunch of figures from the underworld in the frozen mountain city of Middenheim. Eager to lower their financial outlay whilst maximising profit, this shadowy bunch bought a ramshackle stadium in Middenheim with the aim of keeping costs down. They named this stadium. Malevolant Halls.

Due to a ‘mishap’ the team was not able to be pulled together until the last minute. This meant that the so called ‘prime picks’ from the draft had already been taken. This allowed the owners to pull together a rag tag bunch of Free Agents who were keen to play for a less significant sum. It also meant that the team were paid a weeks less salary after the team missed the opening game of the season – many of the players had been incarcerated anyway so the team would have been depleted had they made it for the opening week.The newly drafted players were certainly keen to vent their fury on the first team to line up against them and prove a point to those teams that had shunned them.

Some suspect the franchise is but a front for a money laundering scheme or other criminal endeavours but these claims, as yet, remain unproven.

The last part of the venture meant hiring a coach. A frequent visitor to the city of Middenheim, DwarfGiant agreed to help out with strategy and coaching matters, splitting his time between this and another franchise outside the Blitz! league. All the time he would be shadowed by a representative from the owners, many of whom suspect is the true tactical mind behind the team. This haunting figure is forever checking and probing, harvesting any information that would help should the franchise and it’s mysterious overlords ever need a new coach. Dark, mysterious and garbed in a hooden cloak no one has ever seen his face or spoken his name.

Team Information

A team cobbled together from the lowest of the low. The bad guys. The dross. The left overs. The meanest. The unwanted. And they have a point to prove.

Motto: Do unto others before they do to you.

Logos and Colors

‘Blood Bowl Tab’ – A predominantly blue strip but with red and white areas

A shadowy, demented, jesters head with glowing eyes


A sinister, capering jester full of malice.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • DwarfGiant (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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