Macon Money

The Macon Money are a professional blood bowl team based in the Macon area. The team began play in the 2018 MML Blitz! season, and is a member of the West Conference of the Red Division of the Mead & Mayhem Blitz! League (Blitz!). The team is owned by Money Sports & Entertainment, and plays its home games at the Money Pit on the Macon Strip in Macon, Georgia.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Blood Bowl has had a presence in Macon since 2004, when a backyard game was held in Macon, with Bob’s Farm Team #7 facing the Ted’s Shack-up Shack outside a mudhole in an exhibition game. The game was to settle a dispute between two BBQ joints. It took 5 hours because the halftime show was a rib cook off. The city has since hosted the Muddy Massacre, a pre-season competition in Macon since 2006. In 2017, the media speculated about a plan involving renowned producer Jerry Borcheimer to move the team known as the Porc Products to Macon.

Rumors of a Macon expansion team surfaced again in January of 2018, pointing to a new indoor arena on the Strip as a potential home arena, although these rumors where denied by officials. In Feb 2018, an unconfirmed report stated that the league had selected leadership for a Macon team.

Team Information

Team Name

The team’s name includes “Money” as a homage to the mere pennies that funded the inaugural season, and beacuse the Money are, according to Macon locals, “Money.”

The MML Treasury initialy expressed concern after the Moneys’ name was announced, because their currency uses this name. The Treasury later disputed the trademark and colors of the team during its formation, to which the team responded: “We are not aware of a single complaint from anyone attending our games that they where expecting to see actual money and not a professional blood bowl game.” An objection was also raised by the local Skaven Scouts because their annual cheese sale fundraiser relies heavily on people giving them “money.” No citation was filed by the Skaven Scouts however.

Logos and Colors

The team’s primary logo is a golden tusked skull wearing a golden crown.

The team’s primary color is Gold.


The Moneys’ mascot is a Fox in a business suit named Chance. The team opted against using a dollar for a mascot because not all currency is a dollar, and the team had repeated trouble with kidnapping and ransom requests.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Preach (Season 1 – present)

General Managers

  • More_Shots (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

Player Union Central
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