Killadelphia Underground

The Killadelphia Underground was founded in 2018. This team is a fresh startup owned by Spike magazine’s Tony Bird. He approached Coach Bmfjiggs while Partying after a win in a tourney to offer the General Manager Position. The Killadelphia Underground originated out of a cage fighting ring Tony ran under the run down arena. Once Coach Jiggs accepted the GM Offer the Blood Bowl Team was Born.


The stadium and land had belonged to the Great Champions the Killadelphia Eagles. Once a proud Orc team before Killadelphia was ravaged with a plague that ruined the area 1000 yrs ago. Now just a shanty town compared to the once gem of a bustling metropolis. Tony and Coach Jiggs hope to bring back the former glory this city once held using BLOOD BOWL.


Not much to tell yet. Team starting in an old pitch, Rag tag  bunch of streetfighters.

LOGO AND COLORS Red, White, and Blue are the Killadelphia colors. Just like the good old USA. The logo looks like a blood splattered face with a dagger ran threw it. We chose this due to the violent nature of how the team originated from an illegal cage fighting ring.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Head Coaches

  • BMFJigg (Season 2 – present)

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