Jamul Jabronis

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Coach Shadow was visiting the large temperate city of Sun Diego to scout some potential lizard players for his Paleolithic Pounders. He had heard because of the year-round temperatures some of the best lizard players could be found there. Coach Shadow was about to leave the city when one his shadowy contacts had advised him to check out a rural city just outside of Sun Diego called Jamul. The local team lost but they gave the more skilled orcs a very tough match, but what impressed him the most is even they looked like “Losers” they played their heart out. After a long talk with the team he discovered that the team been comprised of ex blood bowl players or wanna be’s that were unable to get or stay on a team with any success.

Team Information

Team Name

Jamul Jabronis were born because all it took is  Shadow Webster coach to believe in players that other coaches and Blood Bowl players might call a “Loser”. That is also when the teams gesture was decided where others would see it as an insult Coach Shadow and Jamul Jabronis see as proud symbol of their team and never give up spirit.

Logos and Colors

The team’s primary logo is a Blazing Sun with an Orc Face in it representing that inner fire or spirit to never give up. Also reflective of the climate Jamul is in, warm and sunny

The team’s primary color is Bronze Checker


Jamul Jabronis Mascot is a Orc Emit-con.

Team Hand Gesture

Loser Hand symbol, symbolizing the never give up team attitude and to proudly demonstrate their inner strength to everyone.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players



Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Shadow Webser (Season 1)
  • SSBN616G (Season 2)

Recent Team News

Player Union Central
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