Itza Leaping Lizards

Itza Leaping Lizards is a professional Bloodbowl Team based in Itza the capital of Lustria. The team began its carreer in the first season of the MML Blitz! League. The team is owned by a board of shareholders and coached by Doneagle. Home games are played in the famous Mayhem Temple ( previously known as the The Mayhem Bowl )

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Itza Leaping Lizard was formed a couple of years after the infamous Leaping Lizards squad was disbanded due to the shareholders board withholding funds. The decision to recreate the team came mostly from the public outcry that the capital of Lustria didn’t even have a team anymore. With the influx of norse, amazon and kislev players into the whole of Lustria, opportunity was right for a mixed team and hence the board was reassembled and the team was entered in the MML Blitz league for its inaugural season.

The Home base of the team stayed the same but was renamed from The Mayhem Bowl to The Mayhem Temple.

Public reception

Many of the old players of Leaping Lizards issued concern about the rebranding of the name claiming that the board was trying to capitalize on the hard work of the now free agent players. Many still had bad feelings about how the team came to an end and were speaking up against this rebranding. Some even going so far as to try to join the blitz league as free agent to play against the Itza leaping Lizards.

The general public loved the idea and were more than ready to throw their hard earned cash to the team for season passes to all home games. A record setting number of season passes were sold once the news was released. Its believed that these huge sales were caused by a rumor that the team now would have real leaping players.


The original Leaping Lizards had a lot of controversy during its lifespan and was at one point investigated for the use of illegal substances. A spokesperson of Itza Leaping Lizards came forward and confirmed the old team wasn’t following certain guidelines outlined by the board and the then Assistant Coach was mostly blamed for that. A confirmation that there were irregularities or illegal activities was not given though. The spokesperson claimed that the new team will “Follow all MML Blitz! rules and regulations to the fullest of their ability”.

The Coach

A running contract was still open between coach doneagle and the board of Leaping Lizards. Due to the disbanding of the old team, coach doneagle was free to explore other options, however with the creation of the new team the board made sure the contract was reinstated. It is believed Coach Doneagle renegotiated some small print but the details are unknown.

The coach made the headlines with a necromantic team in the MML winning both CL and Pro championship in 3 seasons time. Afterwards he was seen coaching an Elven Union team but then suddenly disappeared. The disappearance was troublesome but more than likely linked to the Itza Leaping Lizards.

Team Information

Logos and Colors

– Security armor with light green being the primary color.
– The logo is a Bloodbowl ball on a spread of green leaves.


A Skink with a bone mask, famous for doing acrobatics before and after the game.

Players and personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Doneagle (Season 1 – present)

General Managers

  • an illustrous board of shareholders

Recent Team News

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