Hazard Heresy

The Hazard Heresy are a professional blood bowl team based in Hazard, Ireland. The team began play in Season 4, and is a member of the World Division. The Heresy play their home games at The Abbey, which opened in 1818 and seats over 6,200 with a total capacity of over 9,000.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Hazard was home of one of the charter members of the Revival league back in 1840. Since that inaugural season the town has hosted a number of pilgrims, most of them using the Abbey as refuge. Blood Bowl was absent for only a few of the early years (1893-1894, 1900-1912) and again when the Turf Wars in the Disputed Lands occupied most would-be players between 1943 and 1945. Initially the team went by the names “Missionaries”, “Gentlemen”, and “Monks”. During these years, nearly 250 players reached other leagues around the world.

Team Information

Team Name

The Heresy changed their name in 1977, when the team joined what would be the future Mead & Mayhem League (MML). At that time, the then Monks had been excommunicated from the League on allegations of profiling players based on religious preference. The team was sold many times and fell into disarray, playing in the backwater pitches of the Chaos Prime Republic and Wyrm Abyss Realm. With a recent influx of capital from its owner and GM Vinny Winniloti, the Monks re-entered the MML and changed their name to the Heresy – a throwback to their before time.

Logos and Colours

The teams logo is a golden embossed cross, with the team colors a dark grey or often black.


During halftime of each game, an auxiliary mascot named Gus the Fried Burrito  is chased around the pitch by children from the stands, typically between 6 to 10 years of age. The children tackle the giant burrito just before he reaches the end-zone (they start at the opposing end-zone), then pose triumphantly over the down mascot. Gus has won the race once, in 1995. In that race, Gus mis-timed his steps and he inadvertently crossed the end-zone before his 10-year-old opponent. Nearly 20 years later the Heresy hosted a rematch and, on June 4th, 2010, the kid finally avenged his loss.

The team has two unique giveaway nights – Pants Optional and Used Car Giveaway. In the first, often held on or near the last game of the season, the pants worn by the players during the game are raffled off to fans in the stands (raffle tickets are offered at no charge, and each fan is limited to one entry). The same raffle format is used for the Used Car Giveaway, where more than 10 used cars are given away throughout the night. In 2011, the prizes included a 2005 F’Orc F-3Fiddy.

Daily tours of the stadium are also offered. The two-hour tour takes visitors from the bowels of the stadium up to the press box and ends with an autograph session featuring team mascot Ballapeno.

Players and Personel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coach

  • BrunfireARGNR (Season 4)
  • DiscoDavo (Season 5 – Present)

General Manager

  • Vinny Winniloti, Esq. (Season 4 – Present)

Recent Team News

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