Hamelin Renegades

Hamelin Renegades the most underhand Blood Bowl team around. Entered the MML Blitz World league in the inaugural season. The Piper Dark Elf family own the team, playing from their stadium The Weser Pipes a network of sewage tunnels that run from the Town of Hamelin into the river Weser.

Franchise History

A team made up of Skaven slaves collected from towns all across the kingdom by the notorious Piper Assassin family.

The team was formed when the Pied Piper a former hitman fell on hard times and resorted to working as a ratcatcher, he was hired by the town of Hamelin to rid them of a particularly nasty infestation of plagued vermin. As the best ratcatcher around the Pied Piper had no problem rounding up and exiling the rodents but when the Mayor, Brian Silverspoon refused the gold payment to Piper for his services and the rest of the citizens dishonoured him by laughing him out of town, he furiously vowed revenge!

The Pied Piper returned to the town early one Sunday as the adults attended church service and using his magic pipe lured all the children from the town never to be seen again.

Some say he marched them into the River Weser as he often did to drown the rats, others that he led them to a cave on top of Koppelburg Hill and sealed them in… then there’s the theory that he took them underground into the sewage pipes that led from Hamelin Town across to the river and fed them to his secret rat army he had been collecting!

Either way, not long after the incident the Piper Dark Elf family founded the Hamelin Renegades Blood Bowl team. A Chaotic Pact of Elfs and vicious Skaven kept in check by a Warp Troll that once lived under the Weser Bridge. The Pied Piper himself is still mia, possibly due to the huge bounty still placed on his head.

Team Information

Team Name

Built from the town that the last few Rats were gathered from to finish the first team roaster.

Team Colours

White rags splattered with the blood of their victims.


A bloodied Dark Elf dagger.


A dual wielding Skaven pup, dagger in one hand pipe in the other.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coach

  • VpowerV (Season 1 – Present)

General Manager

  • The Pied Piper (mia)

Recent Team News

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