Gulf Coast Chaos

The Gulf Coast Chaos was formerly a member of Gulf Coast Sports. GCS is a small coastal league with dreams of hoisting championship trophies on as many pitches as they can find. The Chaos was selected by the the GCS commissioner of sports to represent them in Blitz. The commissioner was asked how she chose Chaos to represent GCS in Blitz? She replied with a devious grin “I learned on the pitch, it takes a total package to win. Chaos is the total package.”

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Gulf Coasts sports commissioner grumbled at the idea of having the idyllic moniker of the Coast altered. The idea of fielding an all star team of multiple races quickly brightened her mood. She salivated over the possibilities. After a career ending injury Mistress Thorn had replaced the former unpopular Gulf Coast Sports commissioner.

She flipped through the many teams who wanted to venture into Blitz. The witch elf discarded them one after the other. No dark elves, no dark elves, no dark elves, to many elves, and then a sinister grin brightened her face. Looking at the ensemble cast kind of felt like home in the ATX.

Orange, black, and gold flooded the Coasts streets as the season drew near. The Gulf Coast welcomed entry into this new league. Blitz was no longer the whisper heard on the winds though. Now the growing sound was Chaos

Team Information

Team Name

When Mistress was asked about the team’s name she just smiled.

Logos and Colours

Chaos’ logo is the traditional Gulf Coast G.

Goblin Gambling had commissioned for the the team to wear the bright golden armor, of gold, white, and blue. Mistress smiled as the colors were dismissed by the Blitz official. As the goblins ranted and raved she politely submitted her preference, orange armor. She loved the contrast of black and orange, with yellow trim.


Chaos has decided to start the season with half a mascot. When a reporter asked him about it, Coach Dmdouble0 stated “It’s psychological warfare.” The coach gestured towards the gnarled pole with 2 sets of rusty blood stained manacles standing behind the dugout. “Our opponents always ask what’s the point of that.” Dmdouble0 smiled sinisterly as he continued, “It’s not complete. We’re gonna hang the first kill up there, for the season.”

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Dmdouble0 (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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