Eoforwic Blue Bloods

The Eoforwìc Blue Bloods are a professional bloodbowl team based in the northern regions in the city of Eoforwìc. Their debut  season began in 2018 and play in the Northern Conference of the Blue Division. They play their home games at the Eboracum Citadel situated in the centre of the city, and the team is owned by the Jorvìk Enterprise Foundation.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The northern city of Eoforwìc was originally founded by the Bretonnian empire at the beginning of the first millennium when they gave it the name Eboracum. It became the capital city of the green and lush country Anglund. During this time it became the largest garrison town in the country, many races past through the town gates hoping to trade their wares and several eventually settled there. As centuries past and the Bretonnian empire collapsed, the High Elves rose and populated the city as it had now become and gave it the name Eoforwìc meaning rich in wild boar in elvish, it was to change hands again when the invading chaos dwarf warriors attacked then settled in the city and renamed it Jorvìk many years later. In time the chaos dwarves lived a peaceful existence here, mainly working as farmers and smiths and lived in relative harmony with the remaining races in the city of which high elves and Bretonnians were the majority.

In time, the three races were the only beings to cohabit the walled city and built a Bloodbowl stadium where each could meet up and mix with each other. The city suffered the wrath of an earthquake a century ago and much of the buildings and foundations were destroyed. It took alot of labour and months to rebuild the damage and in the reconstruction each race built it’s own designated area. Out of respect for the lives that were lost, one area was left to remain as it stood this mainly consisted of collapsed buildings and destroyed infrastructure. Nobody entered it as they deemed it unsafe and unsuitable to live in. Whilst the residents led their own lives in the other three quarters the fourth destroyed quarter remained unoccupied. The inhabitants were unaware that something actually had settled in there. A colony of vampire nobles had settled here not long after the quake, they were a civilised group and chose not to prey on the the city’s inhabitants as they had their own supply of servants to satisfy their blood lust.

The noise and excitement from the stadium on match days drew the vampires out of hiding and to the stadium. Initially met with hostile reception from the other races they eventually realised that there was no threat, and all races lived in relative harmony in the thriving capital city.

Team Information

Team Name

Initially, each player played Bloodbowl for its own respected race either Bretonnian, High Elf, Chaos Dwarf or Vampire (although they only played night time matches), but with new rules being brought into the sport they decided to combine their talents and form a team to represent the city. Each race deeming themselves to be more superior and regal than the other, they settled on the “Blue Bloods” as the team nickname so they could impose their high social standing on the opposing teams they played.

Logos and Colors

The team’s primary logo is A White Boar which is also the emblem of the City.

The team’s primary color is White and Blue. Blue representing the name “Blue Bloods”  and the white representing white boar.


Seen up and down the sidelines and dancing in the endzone, Hoglett is a hobgoblin dressed up in a novelty wild boar suit in homage to the origins of the city’s name. He has become a favourite with the younger fans who often run up and down the pitch hoping to receive a high five from him. Should the team win a match he will throw gold coins into the cheap seats in the stadium to appease the poorer classes.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • HairyWarthog (Season 1 – present)


  • Assistant Coach – Uncle Herbert
  • Apothecary – Bretonnian Ultimate Pampering Association
  • Cheerleaders – The Diamond Duchesses

Recent Team News

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