Drumphtopia Winners

Founded in the inaugural season of the MML BLITZ! League of 2018, The Drumphtopia Winners are the MOST GREATEST Superior Being Ring team EVER to compete in the West Division of the Red Conference…so far.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

World-renowned, super-successful and Uber-rich, Count Archibald Drumph of Mousillon has long been the major force behind the MML Pro League. When the MML’s Corrupt Commissioner Preach decided to establish a new mixed-raced BLITZ! League, Count Drumph seized the opportunity to bring ONLY the VERY BEST races together to dominate this new league as he has done in the past with the Greatest Bretonnian team on the pitch, the Mousillon Morningstars! (ummm….Really?).

As Regent of Mousillon in Bretonnia, Count Drumph had been making some controversial alliances with Vladamir Sputin of Sylvannia, but ever the capitatlist, Drumph announced his MOST ambitious SUPER-SECRET project EVER…the establishment of the Island-Resort Nation of Drumphtopia!   Drumph has built the MOST LUXURIOUS COUNTRY where only THE VERY BEST PEOPLE who can afford the astonishingly exorbitant and ULTRA-exclusive membership fee to partake in…well…whatever their money can buy ($KA-CHING$) And it only made sense for the Greatest New-Nation to have only the VERY BEST BLOOD BOWL team made up of only the GREATEST RACES OF THE OLDE WORLD!! Your DRUMPHTOPIA WINNERS!!

Team Information

Team Name

“Winners need no other name…so long as they Win…and I mean BIG, BIG, BIG Time.”

Logos and Colors

Ever the consummate businessman, Count Drumph immediately secured sponsorship with Cabalvision to showcase their colors for the players’ uniform, emblazoned with a logo of  The Three Golden Drumph Towers  Luxury Resort Castle/Hotel/Casino (tm. Drumph Industries Inc. ) of which the Winners! most luxurious home-stadium is anchored by.


No official mascot has been determined at this time, although a characters has been spotted about the island dressed as a bright Orange-skinned man with wild red hair in a suit of armor; wildly heralding the arrival of the Inaugural season of BLITZ! and the Winners first match. Popular with the new team’s fan-base, this unofficial mascot has been nick-named “Lil’ Drumph”.  Count Drumph has threatened legal action but no official documents have been filed at this time.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • Sturmjarl (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News


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