Dragon Isle Poachers

The Dragon Isle Poachers are an MML Blitz Professional team. The team is owned by a group of hunters, residing on the Dragon Isles, off the coast of Lustria.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The fact that the Dragon Isles can field a Blood Bowl team is something that many thought would not be possible. The people that reside on the Dragon Isles are thought to be poor, and barely able to survive. The outsiders might call them Poachers, hunters of exotic, powerful and rare trophies. Truth be told, they were poor, and while they did it for survival, they often went into lands they did not own to hunt, something that their neighbors would not be happy about, if they knew. In the past, long forgotten by most, they were considered the best hunters in the world, and hired across the world to hunt monsters and beasts, be it Dragons, Minotaurs, or Giants. They were wealthy, and known world wide. As the contracts dried up, empires came and went, they were left behind in history. The council decided that getting in on the new Blitz Blood Bowl league, would be just what was needed to make the Dragon Isles known, and wealthy again. They took the risk, put the remainder of the Dragon Isles wealth on the line and created the Dragon Isle Poachers. They scoured the world looking for a coach that would lead them to glory and riches. After many long months, and a lot of refusals, they found their coach. The man called himself the Protege of Rand, a person the Council had never even heard of. But they needed a coach, and he talked big. Thus Matrim The Lucky was signed as Coach of the Dragon Isle Poachers. They converted The Cage (a stadium of sorts where they used to have monsters fight to the death) into a Blood Bowl team and began preparations.

Team Information

Team Name

The Dragon Isle Poachers name was created for two reasons. Though there are not many that know of the Dragon Isles inhabitants, the ones that do already call them Poachers. The other reason being, the Poachers, used to be an elite hunting expedition, that took on only the most dangerous contracts. Such as Feral Dragons, and Lizards.

Logo and Colors

The Teams logo, is Dragon Isle history by itself. The personal hunting standard for the original Hunter, Bowen Dragon Slayer. The uniform is a Grey Blue. (color of the first dragon ever killed by Bowen)

Team Mascot

The Dragon Isle Mascot is, well this may come as no surprise, a Dragon. Not a Dragon like the big flying fire breathing deadly ones, but a Dwarf Water Dragon named Draco. Its skin the same color as the team uniforms. They aren’t quite as intelligent as their cousins, but they are also far less deadly, and much easier to control. Most of the time it just lays there, being lazy. Honestly, the council is not sure why they need a mascot, but since every other team is doing it, they had to get one.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • RandtheMad (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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