Craftworld Harlequins

The Craftworld Harlequins are an elven collective playing Blood Bowl in the stranded Craftworld of Kaelor which appeared randomly in our world around 2 years ago. The Harlequins play in the Southern zones of the Blue Blitz! Tournaments and don’t follow regular team conventions. For example they don’t have an owner they are an empowered anarcho-syndicalist commune. Noone knows exactly why they are competing or how long they’ll be around for, but by golly it’s good to see some elves ripe for harvest!

Franchise History

Background and establishment

The sprawling expense of Craftworld Kaelor takes up a significant portion of the Eastern edge of the region known as Greater Albion. Arriving quite literally out of thin air 2 years ago, local inhabitants scattered, intimidated by the seemingly advanced technology. For a year there were no signs of life until the appearance rather bizarrely of well known average Blood Bowl coach Thunden von Strutten. What was even more bizarre was that it was at the same time as Coach Thunden was giving a live broadcast on Cabalvision about not being guilty for the death of Big Mo.

It turns out that this Craftworld thing isn’t from our when or even our where! This Craftworld Thunden explained how he had been abducted by the elves of Kaelor and forced to explain the intricacies of Blood Bowl to them over the past year. Naturally he was shocked to find out that there was another Coach Thunden active as well… rather sickeningly he seemed maddeningly excited to see his double muttering something about finally having someone on the same level to talk to. Assuming that this Thunden was from another plane of existence, or that we were just ridiculously unlucky to have two of them, he then explained where these elves had come from. Apparently they were fleeing something called a swarm, filled with Tyrannits and Booblords as they made good their escape they shifted into our realm and suffered a catastrophic breakdown of all of their archo tech. Having failed to have fixed it they conferred for a length of time, as collectives are want to do and decreed that they would make clear their superiority to the other races by demonstrating their advanced strategies in Blood Bowl. Noone really wanted to point out to them that their appointed tutor of the great game… wasn’t exactly great.

They combine the talents of all known elven varieties, Elf Union, Wood Elves, Dark Elves and High Elves, all seemingly meshing and playing as one. Time will tell if this alliance borne from a place beyond our ken can withstand the pressures of the game and indeed of our world. For now we welcome these easily maimed tourists to our fair abode and wish them well… whilst they survive!

Team Information

Team Name

The name Harlequins comes from the traditional dancers of the Kaelor tribes. Their expressive and intricate patterns frequently led to the hedonistic times that Kaelor was famous for as a tourist destination of elven kind. Since the conception of the team though all elves that are on the roster are forbidden from participating in the dance or any of their brethrens traditional excesses. The life of a Harlequin is chaste and pure as they try to divine the patterns of play to not only beat larger life forms but also survive.

Logos and Colors

The team’s primary logo is The avatar of Kaelor

The team’s primary color is Black with Orange dashes


The only member of the team and assistant staff who is not required to lead the puritan lifestyle associated with the Craftworld Harlequins. Harly the Quin is the oddest of things, a rather rotund elf who is dressed in the familiar traditional Kaeloran garb for the Harelquin dance. Fans have come to know and appreciate the effort put into the intricate dance… and equally how often Harly makes a mess of it.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players



Retired Numbers

42 – The meaning of the Universe cannot be given to a player.

Head Coaches

  • Thunden (otherworld version) (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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