Blackforest Unicorns

The Blackforest Unicorns are a professional Blood Bowl team Playing in the red North/South playpool. The team is owned by a weird little gnomish man who is rarely seen, save for out of the corner of your eye when walking alone in the Black Forest at Midnight.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Details are murky on the orgins of the team, as numerous legends continually sprout up to explain it. The most common and often believed one says that the mysterious Old Man owner of the team was once on an expedition through the Black Forest and could barely make out a strange black arc in the sky, almost like a rainbow. He followed it as best he could until he came to the end, where he stumbled upon a jet black Unicorn. A conversation ensued, and the man returned to his village. Villagers report that when he returned, his eyes were completely black with no discernable pupils or iris — just plain black — and that he was erratic in behavior while packing things up. He walked into the forest, and wasn’t seen from again — except by the team Coach, Larry McLarryson.

Larry won’t reveal any details about how he communicates with “The Owner”, but stresses that he has very little input on how the team is run — even down to playcalling. It was about a week after The Owner disappeared into the forest that the team was assembled, paid for, and their Stadium erected — much to the surprise of the Blackforest inhabitants. But they rallied behind their team, and were quick to support their Elven Blood Bowlers.

Team Information

Team Name

Clearly, the team name is a throwback to the legend that started it all — that Obsidian Unicorn, who most feel is really at the helm of the team. It’s become a bit of a folk hero in Blackforest, and often little elves can be seen carrying around stuffed black unicorns at games, purchased at the gift shop.

Logos and Colors

Logo is a Unicorn with a ball on it’s horn.

Colors are Blue and White — reportedly the colors of the robe the Old Man was wearing when he made his final foray into the forest.


The team mascot, naturally, is a Unicorn. Usually sporting jet black shiny fur, it’s often seen in a blue and white uniform when parading about the Black Forest or while rallying support on the sidelines at games.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • JimSardonic (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

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