Bikini Bottom Surfers

The Bikini Bottom Surfers are a professional Blood Bowl team based in the Bikini Bottom area, which is part of the Bikini Atoll. The team began play in the 2018 MML Blitz! season, and is a member of the South Conference of the Red Division of the Mead & Mayhem Blitz! League (Blitz!). The team is owned by Ivy Resorts & Showbiz (IRS), and plays its home games at The Beach next to Bikini Bottom in the Pacific Ocean.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

After the big bang in the Bikini Atoll a while ago, the islands began to be a viable place to come again. Ivy Resorts & Showbiz (IRS) got Bikini Islands for steal, so they had plenty of money to add this location to their resort and entertainment business. IRS needed another hook to attract business to their new bungalows and Inn here at the Bikini Island, so they decided to attract tourists by building a stadium and starting an inaugural Blitz mixed race franchise. They gave the task to a local resident Adam ‘Bomb’ Goldwin, General Manager, to put a team together, and his first task was to get an experienced coach. They held a contest to name the team.

The area was great for recruiting, because of the native Amazons, the mutated lizards, and the weather, which pulled in Norse and Kislev during their winter months. Since Blue6Maxx had plenty of experience coaching Lizardmen, Amazon, Norse, and Kislev in the MML, Adam, who had a nose that looked like it was broken, made him an offer he could not refuse. When Adam was giving Blue a tour by the shoreline, he asked Blue what we should call the new stadium. Just at that same time, Blue seeing an Amazon said, “Look at that bi*@h!” Adam mistook Blue to say The Beach, which became the new stadium’s name.

Team Information

Team Name

The team’s name reflects the biggest pastime at Bikini Bottom, which is surfing, so ‘Surfers’ was a natural.

Logos and Colors

The in-game logo is a blue pumped bicep to represent the iron regulars at the Beach pump and the blue skin many of the players have naturally or as the result of the cold climate they come from.

Team main colors are yellow and black (necromunda armor), but includes some red, green, and blue.


The Surfers’ mascot is a buff starfish called Big Blue Star, who represents the mutated sea life here.

teams chant: Surfs up, Surfs up! when they see a chance to knock an opponent off the pitch.

“Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polkadot Bikini”

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers

#0 which represents the player who doesn’t show up for practice.

Head Coaches

  • Blue6Maxx (Season 1 – present)

General Managers

  • Adam ‘Bomb’ Goldwin (Season 1 – present)

Recent Team News

Player Union Central
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