Beverley Hills Beasts

The Beverley Hills Beasts are a professional blood bowl team based in the filthy rich area of Los Demonas.  The team began play in the 2018 season MML Blitz! Season and is a member of the West Conference of the North Division of the Mead & Mayhem Blitz! League (Blitz!).  The team is co-owned by The Royal Elf Shell & D’Warfmart and plays its home games at the most high-tech, sophisicated, superior stadium in all the regions, Superior Stadium (wut else woud et be cull’d?), in Beverly Hills, Killifornia.

Franchise History

Background and establishment

Blood Bowl has only recently been a presence in Beverly Hills the past year, as the superior race who resides in this town thinks the sport is below them (along with everything else).  The high society members took joy in influencing how the world ran and crushing the inferior races (and sometimes their own who did not share their stature in class) both financially and culturally.  However, with the recent presidential election voting for the president they “hand picked”, Donalt Blump, their businesses thrived and they took complete control of the known civilized world (& I use the term loosely).  Now, without a challenge of showing how superior they are in society they decided to also take away the last livelihood-freedom these pathetic commoners have: Blood Bowl. As so became the Beverly Hills Beasts.

Team Information

Team Name

Even though these Yuppies do not have athletic experience in the sport of Blood Bowl, they do have “dark” members in their society who don’t mind giving in to their primitive nature to crush bones, suck blood, & receive physically violent mutations from their God.  It was only fitting to call them the beasts from Beverly Hills.

Of coarse not all the members of the team are raw players willing to play the sport with no experience; most key players are star players that were bought from the team to play for them.  After all, rich people hiring others to do their dirty work while they watch from their untouchable high pedestals for their pure entertainment at the expense of everyone else is practically expected of them.

Logos and Colors

The teams’ logo is a golden lion emblem holding a football.

The teams’ primary color is gold.

Players and Personnel

Current Roster

Previous Players


Retired Numbers


Head Coaches

  • xFox (Season 1 – Present)

Recent Team News


Born Canadian with a rich history of French pirates and a river named after the family bloodline. Charles pursued an acting career where he stared in several commercials and a Philippino television show in San Francisco and voice talent in radio shows in Chicago. After marrying his high school crush when they met again on their 10yr high school reunion he fathered two children, Luke & Sophie, and now lives in Southern Florida with a career in computer animation in designing video games.

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